Bikini Body Mommy Day 15

I’ll be honest, I haven’t done this one yet and still need to do Day 13 but I’m remotivated and redetermined after training on Saturday.  I’m ready to get my Pure Romance business back up and running and be fit and healthy while doing it!

Yeesh.  It’s measuring, weighing and picture day.  Blech.

Day 15


This was tough!  But I made it all the way through and did one set of Day 13 as well as Day 12 Fit Test.

Squat swing    47

Push up t-stands    38

Lunge knee ups    50

Mountain climbers   88

Bicep curls    40

Step ups    24

Straight leg squat thrusts    22

Hundreds    165

Push ups were done against my dining room table for modification.  The bicep curls were tough since I haven’t done any weight lifting since my accident.  I had to do them slowwwwllllyyy.  For the Step Ups I used my adjustable Reebok aerobic step on the highest setting (ain’t no way I could have done them on a chair!).

Today I did my measurements, too.   I just realized I didn’t post my beginning measurements so here are both.  This is the third week in and I’ve done pretty good.  Normally I don’t even make it through Week Two on challenges because I get frustrated by not seeing instant differences.  I’m working very, very hard on being patient and realizing that it took over a year to put the weight on (ten pounds during the four months after my accident) and it’s going to take a long time to get it off.  I’m eating a lot less, a lot healthier and have lasted longer than most times I’ve tried this.  I’ve only had fast food ONE TIME and it was totally on accident.  It was breakfast so I didn’t think about the chicken biscuit I was eating until it was almost gone.  Whoopsie!  I think I’ve only had two fountain drinks, too (fountain tastes way better than bottles or cans, IMO).

I measure one extra area then most people do- that stupid pooch below your belly button that causes you to have to lay down and button your jeans.  The first number is my measurements on January 3rd and the second is from today.

chest             41.25         40.5

right arm     12.5            12.5

left arm        12.5            12.5

waist              38.25        35.75

pooch            39              38.5

hips                41.5          41.5

right thigh   24             23.5

left thigh      24            23.5

weight           148          147

If I did my math correctly, that’s 4.25 inches and 1 whopping pound.  I’m not harping on the one pound because muscle weighs more than fat.  You all should know by now that I don’t even own a scale and prefer to measure and tell by how my clothes fit.  The good news is my fat pants are really loose!  I’ll post pictures when there’s been more of a difference.  I’m tired of taking before pictures and never getting to take after pictures so give me a little more time to post them.  I’m ready for some real visual differences in the next couple of weeks.  See ya Slacker Fattie!  Fit Bitch is busting through!


Bikini Body Mommy Day 8

Here’s the video for Day 8!

Holy cow!  Get out your weights and prepare to S.W.E.A.T.!!!

I have to say this again (and I’ll probably say it a lot), I absolutely LOVE that this is in real time.  I’m so excited to see myself transform as well as Briana.  I wasn’t going to measure for another week or two but I couldn’t help it.  I’ve lost about 3 inches so far and that’s just from 1 week!!  I forgot to weight myself on the scale at the gym this morning which may be a good thing.  I’m scared.  But, I’m not a big scale fan so I don’t get on too often.  I prefer to feel how my clothes fit.  I just realized this ironic point- by the time I can fit back into my old jeans our Florida winter will be over!  On the plus side, it’ll be bikini time!

I’m so anxious to to throw away Slacker Fattie’s fat pants and slink back into Fit Bitch’s sexy dresses!

I lost 15 inches in 3 months!!! Slacker Fattie, be gone!!

Well, actually it was more like forty-five days since I didn’t do a whole lot the first forty-five.  I recently came to the end of a fitness challenge with a friend and was dumbfounded, shocked, flabbergasted, bewildered, surprised, amazed, overwhelmed and downright blown away when I did my final measurements last night.

I made myself stop measuring about six weeks ago because I was getting flustered and irritated.  I couldn’t weigh myself since I tossed my scale in the garbage a year ago and avoid the scale at Publix at all costs except to do my initial weigh in and the ending weigh in (why is it there’s no one near the scale when the kids are on it but the second I get on suddenly there’s a swarm of people nonchalantly trying to see how much I weigh??).  So needless to say, my results made me very happy and proud.  Skinny Bitch is here to stay!

So, how did I do it?  I gradually cut out the unhealthy foods I’ve grown up on.  This included fast food, whole milk, soda, processed foods, Kool-Aid, chips, any type of candy and eventually pizza (that was the hardest to let go).  By the end I no longer craved any of these foods or drinks- even eating my beloved pizza made me feel crummy inside (and I was NOT happy).  I’m eating more lean proteins, drinking mostly water (occasionally I’d allow juice or soda), more fruits and veggies and in the last thirty days I was substituting breakfast with a Visalus shake usually mixed with almond milk or orange juice.  I also went back to using a smaller plate which was a huge wake up call the last time I lost a lot of weight- who knew we didn’t actually need gobs and gobs of food?

As far as exercising goes I chose to mix things up a bit.  I started trying to follow the Brazil Butt Lift and P90x schedule but if I missed a day or two I felt I needed to start over.  I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda girl and prefer to do whatever I’m in the mood for.  Having danced for a large part of my life growing up I still have a burning passion for it.  I took a big leap and joined an adult jazz class at Centerstage Dance Academy  (if you’re a So You Think You Can Dance fan you may remember Ricky Jaime who was an instructor at Centerstage).  The Wednesday class had so much fun we added a Friday class so I knew I’d get in at least two dance workouts every week.  I also did Core Rhythms DVD’s, Billy Blanks, Wii Zumba, Wii Just Dance 1 and 2, belly dancing, Flirty Girl Fitness and Jillian Michels DVD’s.  I had so much fun mixing things up and seeing which workouts were more intense and which ones were more for warm ups or cool downs.  I also jogged on my rebounder, took walks and my favorite exercise- boogieing while cleaning!

Working out doesn’t have to be boring, in fact if it is you’ll most likely stop doing it.  Find what’s fun for you and what works for you and stick to it.  I don’t do well with treadmills, stair climbers or elliptical because I don’t push myself.  With DVD’s or Wii I make myself keep up with whatever is going on on the screen.  My friend Echo did squats while cleaning her baseboards and got a great rear workout!

Workouts are everywhere…you just have to find them!

Final Results

Gosh, I don’t even know what to say which is huge for me. I just did my measurements and am absolutely shocked. I did all of them three times and even got my 17 year old to help the last time. Then I made her take a few pictures so I knew it was for real.


That’s an inch and a half off of each arm. But here is the one that shocked me the most (I’m still just, wow)…

20111121-234754.jpg (Sorry it’s so big, I did this from my phone)

Ummmmm, sheesh!!! Yeah, my sexy mountain top used to be a whopping 37 inches and is now just 31.5. That’s a loss of 5.5 inches in just 90 days. I didn’t even do that in six months two years ago.

Here’s my total results:


I’ll post my pictures tomorrow, hopefully.  My camera died so I had a friend take them and she needs to email them to me.  I’m still dumbfounded at my results.  I’m glad I stopped measuring a while ago, it made doing the final results even more surprising!!

**Next morning- I’m still shocked!  I over passed my goal of losing 12 inches by losing 15!!!!  I fell short of my weight goal by only three pounds but as I said after my brain fart of setting a weight goal, I didn’t expect to even lose that much since I was also doing strength training with cardio and muscle weighs more than fat (dur dur dur).  I’m beyond pleased at my results over the last ninety days and am proud of how hard I worked (well at least the last forty-five days).  

I’m also incredibly proud of all that Erica has accomplished as well.  She made it through the P90x program and is close to finishing the Insanity program as well.  Neither of those are easy to do and not everyone can start much less complete them!  I know that she will continue with the lifestyle changes she has made in her eating as well as keeping exercise as part of her weekly routine since she’s done such an amazing job with sticking with them the last few months.  Woot!  Woot!

A new beginning

Ninety days ago I was issued a challenge by my friend Erica.  It’s been a long three months but I’ve made a lot of very important lifestyle changes and am proud of how far I’ve come.

Before the challenge:

ACK!!  That’s bad!

Gone are the cravings for junk food.  Gone are the cravings for fast food.  Gone are the cravings for sweets.  I don’t even crave my beloved pizza!  <gasp!!>  I grew up on whole milk and soda insisting I’d never give either of them up.  They’re gone.  Processed foods?  Thing of the past (with the exception of an occasional ghetto mac and cheese- sorry Kristi!).  Phase two will include getting my family on the healthy kick as well.  We’ve already made changes like switching from honey wheat to whole wheat bread, whole wheat pancake mix and pasta, cutting back on whole milk consumption and drinking reduced sugar Capri Suns.  We will be making pizza at home thanks to inspiration from Necessary Indulgences and her amazing pizza creations. 🙂

With most of my weight and inches gone, this morning I had planned on starting an exciting adventure with my new Kill Mode family but it’s been put off a week for the holidays.  To gear up for this intense program started by Dan Long, I’ll be doing different JNL Fusion workouts depending on how I feel from the day before and what activities my kids drag me to (click here for the complete set).  Be sure to “Like” Real Fit Mom on Facebook to see which videos I do!  They’re all on Youtube and make me sweat more than when I do P90x.

I’m SUPER excited to tell you about Kill Mode and really want to spill the beans now but since I’ll be documenting my transformation from Day 1 (don’t worry, no more countdowns) I’m going to make you wait.

Here’s a little sneak peak though-

Kill Mode (‘kil . mōd) noun – a mental shift that occurs approximately halfway through a work set in which fatigue is ignored, adrenaline prevails, and all-out max effort world domination begins.

Their motto is “Go hard, or stay the same.”  Love it!

I’m off to tidy up the fitness room and get going but will be back later.  I’ll be going to a friend’s house to do my final measurements and ‘after the challenge but before Kill Mode’ pictures.  Stay tuned!!

I jinxed myself!

I learned an important lesson recently.   Don’t ever write a post about injuries while you’re in a fitness challenge.  The day after my last post Exercising Through an Injury I pulled a muscle in my groin- I think from dance class but I’m not 100% sure.  What I do know is that it hurts to walk and sit.

(motivational video for today)

On the plus side, I provided myself with excellent tips to follow but I still had some weight to lose and with only one week left it’s not looking good.  Although I still have some work to do to complete my Real Fit Mom status, I’ve been into fitness for several years and know that muscle weighs more than fat.  Since I’ll be focusing on upper body muscles this week I’ll actually be gaining weight but am not stressing about it.  I’ll simply do what I can and whatever happens happens.  My kids have hid my measuring tapes (all three of them) so I can’t do any measurements until Sunday- kinda cuts out being able to stress when I don’t know how close/far I am. If I reach my goal of 12 inches lost I’ll be thrilled.  I know I’ll never be the 103 lbs I was when I got married and I’m okay with that since it’s no longer a healthy weight for me.  Once I reach my weight goal I have faith that I’ll stay there since I’ve made so many great lifestyle changes over the past few months.  Go me!  🙂

So today, light cleaning and chest/arm/back exercises are on the agenda.  I’m already eating healthy so I can’t cut calories this time (did that with the last injury at the recommendation of a fitness trainer).  I’ve already had my yummy Body By Vi shake mixed with orange juice and cinnamon so I am off to clean and build muscle!

Day 53……compliment- “big boobs, flat stomach”… really BIG news!!

My two favorite compliments yesterday were “Wow, you do look fit for a mom of 4” which I received from a new follower on my Twitter after she saw my picture and “You’re boobs look huge and your stomach looks flat” from a mom at dance.  All this work is finally paying off!  I might just have a chance at this fitness challenge after all.

Today started out better- no Frosted Flakes for breakfast!  I’m taking Necessary Indulgences and Orlando’s advice and sticking with protein only for the next few days.  Breakfast was two pieces of Boar’s Head deli ham rolled up and a bottle of water.  That’s what I had for lunch too and I did not share with my cats even though they tried to steal some.

I DO NOT recommend you eating this little!  This is extreme because I’m in a crunch time plus I’m tired of eating when I’m not hungry. 

I’m very proud of myself for dragging P90x back out and starting the schedule.  We’ll see how it goes because you all know how bad I am at the whole schedule thing.  I did chest and back, pushed myself hard and wrote down my numbers so I can compare it to the next time I do it.  I thought my arms were going to fall off so I laid down while Hubby played Black Ops and took a cat nap.  I think my body is heavily adjusting to this eating healthy thing.  I have absolutely NO energy at all since I really buckled down and got the junk out of my diet.  I’m sticking with it though and will probably feel better in a few days.  Before walking to pick up the kids I grabbed a handful of almonds and a banana (so much for the only protein thing) but those did nothing for my lack of energy.  It’s really hard to get up and do cardio when all you want to do is sleep but I’m pushing through it!  I know this is what Erica went through when she started the South Beach diet…..53 days ago.

I managed to get through another 20 minute Wii Zumba then my Wednesday adult jazz class.  I snuck another cookie today along with a piece of popcorn shrimp for the kids….oh, and one bite of Eggplant Parmesan. BUT!….I have HUGE NEWS!!!!!!!

Drumroll please!!!!!……………………………………………

In the last three weeks,

with all my hard work,





This will be me soon!  Skinny Bitch will prevail!!!!!

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