90 day challenge

I’ve been challenged to a duel.  Not a weapons duel, thank goodness, but I might wish it were once I get going.  It’s an exercise duel!  My friend Erica sent me a text telling me she didn’t like Tony Horton because he kicked her ass with the Cardio x from P90x (which happens to be my favorite of the DVD’s).  We went back and forth a bit and before I knew it I’d agreed to a 90 day challenge.  What can I say?  I’m a sucker.

We’re taking before pictures and at the end of the 90 days, whoever looks better gets treated to a spa day by the other.  I think I should go get a part time job just in case.

Erica is already skinny but wants to tone and get rid of cellulite.  Unfortunately, after going to the doctor recently I’ve discovered that I’m exactly back to the weight I was two and a half years ago when I started a Sexy by Summer contest (which I won 🙂 ).  I was/am 138 pounds.  My goal is to get back to 118 pounds which is where I was at the end of the contest.  As far as inches go, I’d like to lose 12 overall. I threw away my scale recently so it’ll be easier to measure than weigh plus muscle weighs more than fat!  I also want to tone up a lot to get as close to my JNL goal as I can (don’t laugh, we all need goals no matter how unreasonable they may be).  I know I won’t be as hot as her but I’ll get kinda sorta close to where I feel comfortable.

Soooooo, what’s my plan?  Brazil Butt Lift mixed with P90x and the South Beach diet.  I haven’t checked my email yet to see what my meal plan is for the next two weeks so I don’t feel guilty for eating an omelet while writing this….yet.  You’ve been with me for over a year now and have seen all of the goals I’ve made for myself and watched me fail time and time again.  Erica has done what Sexy by Summer did for me- provided me with support, encouragement and a great prize at the end.  Okay, okay getting healthy and fit should be prize enough but what woman wouldn’t work harder if they know they’re going to get pampered at the end?

When I reach my goal, I might even let Hubby pick out a super sexy Halloween costume for me this year!

It’s time to get Slacker Fattie fit and healthy so Skinny Bitch can have some fun!


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