Week 1 recap- Arbonne 30 day detox

This was a tough week.  The easiest part was switching breakfast and lunch to the protein shakes.  No more trying to decide what to have for breakfast or what to make for lunch.  Dinner was hard.  We are still recovering from Hurricane Irma where we lost almost all of our food.  I’d just done our grocery shopping for the month the week before. I also didn’t print out the “avoid list” so I forgot what I wasn’t supposed to eat- which was a lot of what I did eat. I was a little defiant one night with eating popcorn and we had pasta for dinner a couple of nights but it wasn’t too bad.


The worse part of Week 1 was my body dealing with all of the new changes.  Gone was the sugar. Gone was the bad fat. Gone was the gluten (for the most part). It only lasted a few days but for those few days I was exhausted, grumpy and lightly nauseous. None of it was extreme and none of it kept me from doing my daily activities. I only worked out once but if you know me you know I hate working out so that wasn’t much of a change.

The best part?  I started this detox at 131 lbs and at the end of Week 1, I was down to 126.  Not bad for one week of changing my eating habits!  What you may not realize is that I’d been stuck at 129-132 lbs for the last 2 years. I just couldn’t find the motivation or the drive to get past that hump. When my friend Nicole approached me about being a sponsor for my Real Fit Mom challenge, I never knew it would be a life changing moment. I never want to see the numbers 13_ on my scale again. I’m quickly approaching my goal of 125 which I wasn’t sure I’d ever reach 4 years ago after hitting 153 after a car accident. Each pound I lose results in setting a new goal. The more I lose, the more I see that I have to lose. I’m so, so tired of carrying this extra weight around. I know, many women would love to be in the 120’s. But what you have to understand is that all of our bodies are different.  Even other women who are also 5’4″ have different body structures. These are MY goals for MY body.  I spent years sneering at fitness models and I know there are women that see my pictures and sneer at me. I get it. I do.

It’s up to YOU to set your realistic goals and it’s up to YOU to get off your ass and reach them. My motto- slow and steady wins the race. It took me a year to get out of the 150’s to the low 140’s. It took another year to get from the 140’s to the low 130’s. This Arbonne detox is what finally helped me get my life back and start to find the real me.


Day 48 Dear Diet……You suck

This was posted on my Facebook wall by my dear friend Necessary Indulgences.  She’s anti-diet and has encouraged me to be the same.  I’m grateful for that because as you read yesterday on Day 47, I don’t do well following directions.  It’s possible to exercise every day without following some strict schedule and it’s possible to eat good and not follow a diet.  You can also still eat foods you love, but in moderation…..except for me right now.

I refuse to diet but it is crunch time so like I said on Day 45 when I suddenly realized this challenge was halfway over.  ACK!  I never thought I could give up whole milk but I did- I replaced it with almond milk.  I never thought I could give up soda but I did- I replaced it with water.  I never thought I could turn down pizza- but two nights ago when I was watching TV with Hubby and told him I was hungry, I said, “No” when he told me to order a pizza (BAD HUBBY!).  I never thought I would actually get off my Slacker Fattie ass and workout every day, much less more than once a day.

With the help of some amazing friends I’m doing this.  I still have a lot of catching up to do to beat Erica who has worked hard from the beginning but I’m not out of the running yet.  Although my measuring tape and scale aren’t showing it, I am starting to feel skinnier.  I can picture Skinny Bitch trying to tear her way through the fat that’s been piled on for years.  Go SB Go!!!

I’ll be back later to update my activities and food for the day.  So far I had my hour long dance class, ate a protein bar (thank you dance mom Jaimi!) and leftover tuna noodle casserole.  I also had a sugar cookie but that was because I forgot to eat breakfast and my blood sugar dropped (thank you dance mom Teri!).  But I worked it off in class and was able to make it all the way through.  I kicked hypoglycemia’s butt!

Beach day sucked

The kids had fun.  Their aunts had fun.  Even Hubby had a good time.  But I was miserable and only had myself to blame.  I’ve made several goals but haven’t stuck to a single one.  I could only find the top to one bathing suit and the bottoms to another.  The only one that had both pieces is the one I’ve never worn because I still haven’t reached my goal weight.  So, I wore a t-shirt and shorts instead which of course limited my fun with the kids.  One of my sisters-in-law could tell how I was feeling and loaned me one of her bathing suits but the only problem was the fact that she weighs a lot more than me (not being mean, just stating a fact).  I used a hair clip to help with the straps in the back and wore a borrowed tank top so I could have a little fun with my kids.   For some reason, however, today was the day all the fit moms were at the beach and it was hard to watch their skinny butts prancing around in cute bikinis.  I could have done that but I’m lazy and have sat on my butt for months so it’s my own damn fault.

My birthday is in 16 days and I really want to fit into something nice.  I’m tired of feeling this way and tired of blogging about how tired I am of not being fit.  I need to either get into a routine and stick with it or give up and stop whining to you all.  I’m sure you’d rather hear about how great I’m doing instead of the same old whining.

16 days.  Hmmmmmmm…….guess we’ll see what happens!

OMG! I’m a size 8!

I realize that a lot of women would be jumping up and down if they discovered they were a size 8.  Not for this petite mesquite!  I’m comfortable at a size 5 but hoping to get to my size 3 eventually.

Never in my life have I been a size 8 (you can stop throwing tomatoes at the screen, we’ve been over this).  I discovered that I was a size 8 while shopping at TJ Maxx recently.  I wanted some shorts that fit- which meant they were long enough to cover my fat thighs but short enough not to look like I was trying to hide my fat thighs.  They’re actually really nice shorts- black with a cute belt that never stays tight and they have to be ironed, but they’re casual dressy.

My oldest daughter tried to tell me that I was not a size 8 but I proved her wrong when I got home, put them on, buttoned them and they didn’t fall off.  It was really depressing realizing that my usual petite thin self had gotten that big.  But, we’re going to change that.  It’s hard work and I’ll have a lot of set backs but I’ll do it.