P90x/Brail Butt Lift Challenge

I did it again. I made a new chart that goes until September. It’s totally doable yet totally unrealistic. I took the workout plan from Brazil Butt Lift’s “too big” since I have a big butt and the plan for P90x and combined them to make a completely grueling workout that will make me one hellaciously fit mom! It’s 11:37 AM and I should have already done one workout but here I am still sitting on my butt at the computer as usual. However, I have good news!

Yesterday was Day 1 for the new challenge. After I made the chart I was pumped and ready to go. First up was Cardio X– great workout which got me nice and sweaty. I took a shower, ran some errands got back in my workout clothes (gross I know but I was just going to get sweaty again) and did Cardio Axe from BBL. After dinner I strapped on ankle weights, grabbed my yellow fitness band and did High and Tight which really makes your butt burn.

It felt so good to cross all three off of the chart! I even sent my best friend a picture with my phone- she said I was cute. If I’d sent her a picture of my beat red, sweaty face I bet she wouldn’t have thought that.  I woke this morning with no aches or pains which is good and bad.  It’s good because I can’t use being sore as an excuse for not working out but bad because it means I didn’t do enough- or maybe it means I’m actually becoming a Real Fit Mom!

So here I am on Day 2 and I need to get going. We’ll see if I’m able to last more than two days.  Cross your fingers!

Brazil Butt Lift/P90x challenge

Day 1 a success


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