A new beginning

Ninety days ago I was issued a challenge by my friend Erica.  It’s been a long three months but I’ve made a lot of very important lifestyle changes and am proud of how far I’ve come.

Before the challenge:

ACK!!  That’s bad!

Gone are the cravings for junk food.  Gone are the cravings for fast food.  Gone are the cravings for sweets.  I don’t even crave my beloved pizza!  <gasp!!>  I grew up on whole milk and soda insisting I’d never give either of them up.  They’re gone.  Processed foods?  Thing of the past (with the exception of an occasional ghetto mac and cheese- sorry Kristi!).  Phase two will include getting my family on the healthy kick as well.  We’ve already made changes like switching from honey wheat to whole wheat bread, whole wheat pancake mix and pasta, cutting back on whole milk consumption and drinking reduced sugar Capri Suns.  We will be making pizza at home thanks to inspiration from Necessary Indulgences and her amazing pizza creations. 🙂

With most of my weight and inches gone, this morning I had planned on starting an exciting adventure with my new Kill Mode family but it’s been put off a week for the holidays.  To gear up for this intense program started by Dan Long, I’ll be doing different JNL Fusion workouts depending on how I feel from the day before and what activities my kids drag me to (click here for the complete set).  Be sure to “Like” Real Fit Mom on Facebook to see which videos I do!  They’re all on Youtube and make me sweat more than when I do P90x.

I’m SUPER excited to tell you about Kill Mode and really want to spill the beans now but since I’ll be documenting my transformation from Day 1 (don’t worry, no more countdowns) I’m going to make you wait.

Here’s a little sneak peak though-

Kill Mode (‘kil . mōd) noun – a mental shift that occurs approximately halfway through a work set in which fatigue is ignored, adrenaline prevails, and all-out max effort world domination begins.

Their motto is “Go hard, or stay the same.”  Love it!

I’m off to tidy up the fitness room and get going but will be back later.  I’ll be going to a friend’s house to do my final measurements and ‘after the challenge but before Kill Mode’ pictures.  Stay tuned!!


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