Fit and Healthy Motivation Tips

After spending an evening with a friend who was very overweight, I changed my fitness challenges to fit and healthy.  It’s easy for me to copy and paste memes, recipes and workouts but it’s hard for me to follow them.  Lack of motivation is my biggest issue so I decided to do some research to not just help me, but help my fitness ladies, too.

  1. Buy new shoes.  Try on several pair, walk and jog in them around the store (they tend to frown on sprinting).  Get your feet evaluated at Fit2Run if you can.  Then go online and see if you can get a better deal (shhhhh!).

kicks I discovered I’m an Asics girl.

2. Visualize positive thinking. Visualize your muscles getting bigger and stronger while you’re coming up with excuses to avoid the gym. Think about how wonderful the sun will feel on your face as you take a walk outside (wear sunscreen!). Picture your heart smiling as you put down the Pop Tart and fix some eggs and a protein shake.

14993567_10211174071494413_7745794241319868662_n Powerhouse Athletic Club (shameless plug)

3. Reward yourself. Went a whole day without junk food? Put a dollar in a jar. Completed your step count? Add a dollar. Exercised 5 times in one week? Treat yourself to a movie (and pack healthy snacks in your bag). If you do a jar, at the end of 30 or 60 days, take the money and buy yourself a new top or pants; you’ve earned it!

wp-image-477638972jpg I have to hide my dollars.  My family tends to swipe them.  I have an agreement with my husband (he just doesn’t know it yet) to trade pennies for dollars in 60 days.

4. Be accountable.  Get a reliable accountability partner or better yet, be one.  Join a fitness challenge (shameless plug #2). Download the Pact app (Harvard guys) or sign up at StickK (Yale guys). This will not make you rich but it will motivate you to stick to your goals if you don’t have dough to lose.

5. Make small goals. Saying, “I’m going to lose 50 pounds is great but it’s going to take a while.  Write down that you’re going to lose a pound a week, eat 4 healthy snacks, go a week (or a day) without drinking soda or hitting the drive through. Create monthly, weekly and daily goals.  Write them down where you’ll see them. (I discovered my fridge and kitchen cabinets are dry erase marker proof)


6. Reduce your excuses. Write them down. Start eliminating them one by one. “I’m too tired.” “The gym is so faarr!” “I don’t have time.” “It tastes so good!” “I’m broke.” You’ll realize how ridiculous you’re being. I’m ridiculous every day.

7. Ditch the boredom. Try something new like a Body Combat class, biking, roller blading,  pilates, aerial yoga, pole dancing (shameless plugs #3, #4 & #5).  Switch up your routine to shock your body, especially if you’ve hit a plateau.


8. It’s good for your health.  Yes, looking smoking hot in those skinny jeans or that tankini are great motivators for getting fit and healthy, but remember the main focus is on improving your health to keep you around longer.

9. Sign a contract with yourself. It can be a detailed one or one that’s short and sweet.

I’m sure there are many more amazing tips out there but I made a goal to keep this short. #noexcuses


Lower your expectations and see yourself rise

When I received my Fitbit (a gift from my fitness challenge moms) I set my goal at 10,000 steps a day just like many others. But over the course of a few months, I realized I was barely getting 4,000. A few weeks ago, I lowered my goal to 5,000. I’ve hit that goal multiple times, sometimes doubling it. Last Wednesday, I joined Powerhouse Athletic Club, the sister gym to Powerhouse Downtown Tampa. After the first day, I reset my goal to 6,000. Today, I reset it to 7,000. By lowering my goal I was able to reach it. In reaching my goal, I made a new one. Then another new one. I no longer feel like a failure, never reaching that 10,000. I now feel more motivated, more inspired and more challenged. 

I have to laugh because I added a friend who is a hard core runner to my Fitbit friends list. I was embarrassed always coming in last for every challenge she invited me to. Until one day. We were talking about it and she said she adds me to help motivate me- even though there are some days she’s hoping that I’ve forgotten my Fitbit and I’m not really only at 1200 steps. That one statement from her made such a profound difference to me. It made me work harder.

I started writing this post after I began to fill up my garden tub. I’d also just synced my Fitbit and saw I was over 7400 steps. “I can top that,” I thought. So as the tub filled, I ran in place…until my husband opened the door. He’s gotten used to me walking while I’m doing dishes, jogging while watching TV and running while the tub is filling to get some last minute steps in. It’s still embarrassing to get caught sometimes, though 😉 I know I won’t hit 10,000 today but knowing I beat my goal by over 1,000 steps makes me feel pretty damn  good. Wanting to smoke my current goals and striving to beat new ones is an amazing feeling. 

If you are struggling with your goals, reassess them. Make smaller, more attainable ones. Then watch what happens when you start hitting them. Do you, be you.

Goals….they are IMPORTANT!


Sunday was the beginning of another health and fitness challenge on Tampa Bay Moms Group.  After much deliberation among the admins of the group, we decided to stick with the name Relentless but add II.  We also decided to add a brand new challenge group called Tenacious.  Relentless II is geared toward women seeking to fit back into old jeans, reach lower numbers on the scale or lose some inches.  Tenacious is more for women who have already reached their goal but want to maintain their weight, tone or start/need support for strength training.

Our first challenge for Relentless II (other than having the ladies email me their measurements) was to send me their long and short term goals.  What did they want to accomplish at the end of the 60 days?  What changes did they want to see in themselves?  What eating habits were they looking to quit?  I received some really touching goals, some very determined ones and one absolutely hilarious one.

These are 60 day goals, right?

I’m going with fit in a size 14 jeans, maybe 12. That would be nice. My fat belly just ripped out my last good pair of 16’s. Yeah, that really fucking happened. FML…lol

And on the note of my fat belly….I’d like to be able to see my vagina again. This fat bastard keeps getting in the way. You know, I just want to look down and be like “hey old friend. how ya doin?”. Instead I get this bloated, stretch marked bastard interfering.

There. Goals.

Did I win?

Shit. I forgot. I weighed myself last night – yeah, NOT doing that again….and I’m 2 fucking 30, damn.

Ok. I’m done now…lol”

I think everyone needed the laugh and the honesty.

I shared her goals in our private group, anonymously, and another mom commented this:

Oh my gosh, whoever you are I love you! I totally feel that way all the time. Like, I just want to be able to shave my bush without having to do freaking acrobatics and get short of breath. Also, my tits are HUGE! I mean, I’ve always been big. When I wasl like 115 in high school I had a 34D and I’m 5ft so that was pretty big on my frame. Now I don’t even know my real size. I gave up trying to find out its like a GG or EE or FF or something like that. Basically it looks like I have an additional huge ass sitting on my chest. I’d like for that to go down a little at least. Between the boobs and my stomach I really have a hard time seeing anything below.”

This is what these women need.  Pure, unedited, blunt honesty.  Moments like this bond them. They learn that they are not alone in how they feel.  Each of them have different goals but many of them were similar.  I’ll be doing another post about the rest of them as soon as I get permission to use their words.  This group has been amazing so far and it’s only the first week.  I still have room for a few more and hope that some of those from Relentless join us again.

I love running these challenges.  It makes me feel amazing knowing I’m helping these ladies find themselves again and teaching them that they aren’t just wives and moms- they are women, first.

Happiness is….meeting goals

I’ve been on this yoyo for several years now.  The last two years have been the worst dealing with the neck and back injury I’ll have forever (rear ended in September 2013). I reached my highest weight ever, 153 lbs which for my small 5’4″ frame was a lot for me. I’m used to being in the high teens or low 20’s even after having 5 kids.

I had a breakthrough during my last healthy and fit challenge, Hot For Halloween. I spent 2 weeks not eating much due to some personal issues but it was a big change from my usual emotional eating. That, paired with cutting out fast food, junk food, sweets, pizza and alcohol led me to see the glorious 129.6 on the scale.


Although I was extremely elated to see those numbers, the fact that I’d lost 11 inches as well didn’t really sink in until I started trying on non-frumpy clothes. I haven’t done much clothes shopping in the last several years. I’ve spent a lot of time in sweats and workout clothes.  I told Hubby he was NOT allowed to take me shopping until I’d hit 125 and he’s stuck to that. I’ve been squeezing my fat into my size 5 jeans, shorts and capris or into clothes my older daughters didn’t want- or were too big for them. I’m so, so glad to get rid of 6 pair of fat pants and shorts!!!

Yesterday, Hubby asked if I wanted to run errands with him. Standing in my closet trying to figure out what to wear used to end with me in tears. I eyed my old size 5 jeans and wondered…..all the other times I’ve tried to get them on they wouldn’t even slide over my thighs. But yesterday, they went over my thighs, over my butt and then the real test….I was able to zip AND button them!! There was a little muffin top but they looked good!! No more saggy too big jeans!! Those are off to Goodwill!

So this is what meeting your goal looks like. This is what success looks like. This is what pure happiness looks like.



And I’m not finished yet!!

Hot For Halloween Results

My last fitness challenge, Hot For Halloween, ended on October 31st. I started the challege at 146 lbs and ended at 129. It’s been about 5 years since I’ve been in the 120’s.

I cut out fast food, pizza (this was a hard one), sweets, junk food and alcohol. I went through a couple of weeks of personal issues and wasn’t eating much. Normally, I would emotional eat but this time I listened to my body which just wasn’t hungry. I know it wasn’t the healthiest way to lose weight but I was elated to see those 10 lbs go away!

Halloween night I was able to wear my pirate costume from 5 years ago. The last few years my boots wouldn’t zip up and I couldn’t pull the sleeves up my arms.  It felt so good to get ready to go out with Hubby with tears of happiness instead of tears of defeat.


I still have some work to do, like getting rid of the belly pooch, but I’m on my way!!!

I’m so grateful to all of the moms who join my healthy and fit challenges. They are so motivating and inspiring!!!

Ringing in the New Year- goals

I am finally ready this time. I don’t know why I haven’t been ready over the last nine years. I always thought I was motivated enough, driven enough and dedicated enough. Obviously I wasn’t.

I want to feel sexy again. I want to feel good about myself. I want to go SHOPPING!  I don’t want to fail. I’m tired of failing. I’m tired of not fitting int- STOP!  Ugh. I’m yelling at myself in a blog post. Here’s to going batshit crazy! 
Ok. Positivity. Optimism. Drive. Motivation. Will. Determination.

Goals. I’d like to be back down to 115 or 118. However, I’m weight lifting so I’m going more on measurements than numbers on a scale. I want to will feel healthy on the inside. I want to will fit back into size 5 jeans. I want to will rock out a bikini this summer.

But one of my biggest goals is to be able to wear my wedding rings again.


I haven’t been able to wear them, comfortably,  since about a month after being rear ended in September of 2013. I gained almost 20 lbs in six months- most of that in the first three.

I’m also anxious to finally plan a renewal ceremony for Hubby and I. He bought me a gorgeous 1947 wedding dress when we were in St. Augustine ten years ago. When I lose 15 more lbs, I can start planning! 

I’m eating so much healthier and resisting the urge to cheat even though Hubby and my 17 year old made these last night-


That’s how I know I’m ready. I’m still not waking up excited to workout but it’s only Day 9. I remind myself that it’s only 20 minutes.

Fit Bitch has new workout pants and wants to WILL defeat Slacker Fattie once and for all!

Kid’s tantrum leads to T-Day Kick Off

This Thanksgiving was difficult. The holidays are always hard for me due to my second pregnancy. But this year we were going through our first Thanksgiving without my mother-in-law and had just buried one of my husband’s best friends.
When dinner is held at our house, Hubby cooks. And he ALWAYS gets mad at me at least once. Always.

This year we woke up before the kids and started cooking (I was allowed to bake muffins and peel the taters). Throughout the day, he prepped while I went behind him washing dishes (our dishwasher started leaking 5 years ago…). We managed to move around our narrow kitchen without running into each other and without any arguments. Yay!

The kids awoke, one by one and after a few hours the Littles were driving me crazy on their iPads. So the teen and I walked down to the Shell station to get a newspaper so the Littles could circle toys to their heart’s content. It felt good to get outside and spend some time with the teen. And walk.


Dinner was delicious. We had a great time sharing it with a family friend, but, more dishes were to be done. The teen did a lot, a LOT, of silverware and a handful of dishes. There weren’t a lot left to do. The Oldest had already done a load and was up next. An argument over dishes began. I finally yelled that I’d do them even though I’d already done several loads including the china that we’d used for the first time (it’s over 50 years old).


Irritated, frustrated, emotionally spent, I pulled on my Asics, grabbed headphones and headed out the door, only saying to the teen to please let me in later. So many emotions ran through my head as I walked. About 40 minutes in Hubby calls- asking where the cake pans were. He knew I was upset but didn’t push for me to talk about it. He said he’d see me in a few minutes but instead of heading home, I kept walking- until my outer hips started aching (hate this getting old bullshit).

I walked over 5 miles in just over an hour and blasted through some of my favorite songs.


I walked in the door, headed for the shower and when I got out, was handed eggnog and Fireball and a plate of desserts- which undid the workout but were absolutely delicious.



I woke up this morning feeling better and ready to get back to exercising. Sometimes we aren’t aware that we need a little push to get going and sometimes it comes from someone or something or somewhere unexpected. The important thing is that we see it, pay attention to it and get off our asses before we get pushed over. Today I put $2 in my workout jar and sat down to make a list of goals.

Then I stepped on the scale….