Pride movie review


It’s 1984 in the UK and Margaret Thatcher is very outspoken about her dislike of gays and lesbians.  Miners are on strike over pit closures.

New college student and closet gay, Joe, tries to blend in at his first gay pride march.  He finds himself taken in by a group of gay friends and a lone lesbian, Steph.  Mark Ashton, the leader of the group, rallies his friends to help the union workers by collecting money outside of their friend’s gay book store. They hold buckets calling out “Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners.”  They stand proudly watching some fill the buckets and try to remain positive while others spit on them and call them names..  “If anybody knows what this treatment feels like,” Mark says, “It’s us” referring to the outlandish treatment of the miners.  As the money comes in they search for a union to accept their donations.  Most are eager until they hear the group’s name.

This was an extrodinary tale of two completely different groups coming together as one.  When leaving the theater I was asked to give my opinion and I said, “Humorous and very moving.”  This was one of those movies that, like others I’ve viewed recently, had you giggling one minute and crying the next.  It brought you into their passion of wanting to help others who were being beaten on and unfairly ridiculed by the government.  You fell in love with the characters who were struggling and those who became unlikely heroes.

The theme throughout the film was ‘solidarity.’  It made you want to cheer when things were going great and rise up with them when things went wrong.  Each of the main characters character grew through the movie and, since it was based on actual events, I loved the ending updates they gave.  The 80’s was when AIDS became a growing concern worldwide and the writers touched on it in simple yet moving ways. #lifeisshort  If you have the chance to view this, I highly recommend you do.  The LGBT community are still dealing with these same issues as many are slow to accept them.  Whether you are for or against, it’s a wonderful movie with an uplifting message.  Solidarity!!!!!

My favorite quote from the movie- “To find out that you have a friend you never knew existed- It’s the best think in the world.” -Dai

Rated 4 Runtime 2 hours Starring Billy Nighy, Imelda Staunton and Dominic West   5 out of 5 smilies

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They make their way to the tiny Welsh villiage of Onllyn in the Dulais valley with their monetary donations and continued offers of support.  Not all of the town is as excited as a small group of elderly citizens and a couple of miners but through persistance- and some smooth dancing moves from Jonathan, the bookstore owners boyfriend- they gain more support.  A town bigot calls a newspaper looking for someone to back her disgust of the gays help.  Mark refuses to accept defeat and turns the smear campaign into a benefit concert which the village supporters attend for fun like theyve never had.

In the end, the miners are defeated and head back to the mines but they never forget the support of their gay and lesbian friends.