Hip injury

Almost three years ago I fell while giving my younger two kids a bath. I was standing on the tile step in front of my garden tub, leaned over and my foot slipped. I landed on the side of the tub hard scaring myself, Hubby and the kids. The x-ray’s showed nothing so the doctor told me I probably had a contusion on my hip and bruised a couple ribs. I was off my feet for about a week.

Three years later I still feel the effects from that fall. If I walk around too much- like two mile walks or traipsing around Busch Gardens- it starts to bother me. Funny thing though, I can do a P90x workout and be just fine!

Last Friday morning I was packing to go out of town and startled my 130 lb German Rottweitler. He jumped up causing me to lose my balance and land on the side of the tub- again. This time I hit the backside of my hip but it was enough to jar the old injury. I was okay off and on all weekend but Monday morning I was in a lot of pain. Playing Just Dance on the Wii probably didn’t help because by Monday night the pain was piercing and very intense. I took four ibuprofen, got as comfortable as I could, smiled as Hubby held my hand and went to sleep.

Today I am frustrated because there are only four more weeks till my sister’s wedding. The dress is gorgeous and fits good but I want to look great. This is hard to do without doing cardio! I’m resting again today but did a little arm workout with the weight bar hoping to burn a little fat off.

For now, I’m stuck between exercising through the pain or resting until it goes away. We’ll see how long I can rest until I get antsy! In the mean time I’m left wondering, as I have many times in the last three years, if the doctor didn’t miss something. I know I’m getting older but I really don’t think a contusion should bother me for the rest of my life.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Hip injury

  1. Have you been to a chiropractor? I know some people don’t believe in them, but I see one and it is amazing how one little fall could cause your spine & hips to get mis-aligned. Other than that, I wish I could help you more! 😦

    Good Luck!

    • No I haven’t. I’m going back to my primary care doc one more time and if I’m not satisfied Hubby is taking me to the dr’s the Orlando Magic use for injuries. They’ve taken great care of our kids when they’ve broken bones. May try a chiropractor though. Thanks so much!

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