Bikini Body Mommy Day 8

Here’s the video for Day 8!

Holy cow!  Get out your weights and prepare to S.W.E.A.T.!!!

I have to say this again (and I’ll probably say it a lot), I absolutely LOVE that this is in real time.  I’m so excited to see myself transform as well as Briana.  I wasn’t going to measure for another week or two but I couldn’t help it.  I’ve lost about 3 inches so far and that’s just from 1 week!!  I forgot to weight myself on the scale at the gym this morning which may be a good thing.  I’m scared.  But, I’m not a big scale fan so I don’t get on too often.  I prefer to feel how my clothes fit.  I just realized this ironic point- by the time I can fit back into my old jeans our Florida winter will be over!  On the plus side, it’ll be bikini time!

I’m so anxious to to throw away Slacker Fattie’s fat pants and slink back into Fit Bitch’s sexy dresses!


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