Measurements…, I suck at losing weight

On January 15, 2011 I posted my measurements.  I remeasured today.  I really wish I could tell you there was a drastic change but if you’ve been reading my posts you’ll know that I’ve been lazy.

I’ve lost an inch and a half.  That’s it.  Very sad I know.

Back in January my waist was 36.5.  Today it was 34 inches.  I suppose a little is better than nothing and it’s my fault.  Slacker Fattie is a strong person.  I haven’t been putting forth much of an effort at all until this last week.  I’m grateful to Erica for challenging me which is what I needed.  So no more slacking off!  We need to get some muscle on Skinny Bitch so she can get some fattie ass.

…….is anyone even here?  I feel like I’m talking to myself.  Oh well.  I’ll just go back to pretending there are hundreds (thousands seemed a little overboard) of people hanging onto my every word.  Back to exercising!!!!!


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