New Fitness Challenge!!

I started another weight loss challenge yesterday on Tampa Bay Moms Group.  I always say I’m not going to do anymore because so many people drop out (me included) but I’m a sucker for helping other moms get fit and healthy so when asked, I do!

I feel a little bit like Bikini Body Mommy because I’m actually two weeks ahead- since I started BBM two weeks ago.  I haven’t lost anything yet but I am getting into the habit of working out every day which is a huge step for me.  Every time I start over I say I’m “determined to finish this time” but don’t.  This time I have an accountability partner that’s in it not for me to look sexy but to help me become healthier.  It’s kind of ironic that she’s a foodie and travels all over the world eating whatever she wants while I’m eating tons of eggs.  But even she has learned that while certain people can eat whatever they want, without some self control and exercise, weight will creep on…especially as we get older.

This has been an eight year battle for me and has caused depression, anxiety, even more self esteem issues than I already had, marital problems and having ‘fat shorts’ in my closet.  I’ve seen a scale read 153 lbs with me on it.  I know I’ll never be the 103 lbs that I was twenty-one years ago before I had my first child but I also know that 153 lbs is not a healthy weight for my small 5’4″ frame.  I’m glad for my accountability partner who reminds me I need to do this for my health (while I’m hiding in my closet yelling “I just wanna be sexy again!!”).

Almost five years ago I created Slacker Fattie and Skinny Bitch.  Skinny Bitch was renamed Fit Bitch after a ‘DOH!’ moment that I was supposed to be focusing on being fit and healthy on the inside instead of obsessing about what I looked like on the outside.  I came across this picture recently and it was the perfect vision of Fit Bitch chiseling away at Slacker Fattie.


It takes an artist a long time to create a sculpture.  It took a while for the weight to pile up and I have to remember that it’s going to take a while for it to come off (see Patience is (not) a Virtue (of mine) that I posted recently).  On September 5th, it will be one year since I was rear ended leaving me unable to do much of anything for three months.  Although I’m still dealing with neck and back pain, I’m taking my life back.  I’m being very careful but can’t sit around anymore watching that number on the scale continue to rise.


I am tired of starting over.  But I’m not giving up.





My goal for blogging about my fitness journey was to be able to reach out and motivate or inspire just one person.  Through comments on here, my Facebook page (both personal and RFM’s) and Twitter I’ve discovered I’ve reached out to a lot of people.  That’s not the “a lot” like the big time fitness bloggers who touch the lives of thousands or millions.  It’s more the “a lot” of a small time blogger- not to many that I don’t have time to personally thank them which I like.

Often times I feel like no one reads RFM especially since I’ve made myself stop being obsessive about how many page views I have.  Plus I keep hearing about how narrow a market fitness is and most people don’t give a hoot about being fit.  Guess someone needs to tell the multi-billion dollar fitness industry about that one so they stop wasting their time.

This morning one of my mommy friends (like I have any friends that aren’t mommies) posted on her Facebook that she’d lost another 4 pounds bringing her total to 31 pounds lost.  She added “insert happy dance.”  I told her to keep on dancin’ because it’s a great way to lose more!  This was her reply back and the inspiration for this post “Thanks Kathryn! I love reading your blog btw, you’re inspiring, and the last one about being a “real” fit mom, I loved it!”

I went to my own Facebook page and wrote, “I love it when people I inspire turn around and inspire me.”  Then I hopped on over here to write a post about it.  Sometimes all someone needs is a gentle push, a little word of encouragement, or a good swift kick in the butt.  The important thing is to get up and move.  Just move.

What inspires you to be more fit and healthy?

Day 8 (yesterday)

I know, I know, I skipped Day 6 and 7.  A few weeks ago my grandma passed away and last Tuesday I lost a family friend.  Shirley was the dance team sponsor for many years and went through my two older sisters and me thus gaining our mom as a best friend.  She was 79 and finally lost her long battle with lung cancer.

That’s not an excuse to avoid exercising but I’m using it anyway.  I could have squeezed in some workouts while doing the kid’s laundry and cleaning up the house enough for Hubby to walk through it while I was gone but I didn’t.   I only missed two days of exercise because my friend, Kristi, (see her blog Necessary Indulgences) who housed me so I could go to the memorial service had me walk three miles on the beach with her in the morning.  It felt good to have the sand squish through my toes, the waves crash around my ankles, the sun on my skin and have my heart rate up.  At the end of our walk I drew Shirley’s name in the sand with a pretty shell (Kristi’s idea) then gave the shell to Shirley’s daughter Lori at the memorial servie.

I did pretty good with my eating, too.  Kristi made me shrimp and risotto for dinner (mine had leeks and asparagus) and heated up the leftover for lunch the next day after our walk.  Yummy!

So I’m not too far off the exercise track, I just have to start over on my BBL schedule.  No biggie!

No Adderall es no bueno

And that concludes the extent of Spanish I know. My two favorite bloggers and best friends are frustrated with my lack of blogging. I want to do it. I think about doing it. I even sit down to do it. But then I get distracted by email, Facebook, work site, etc. I admire steffany813 and Necessary Indulgences for being dedicated to their blogs and readers. I can be, too. I just can’t do it without Adderall. I told Hubby the other day I have to get back on it and stay on it. I’m a better wife, mother, friend, I keep the house cleaner, don’t lose my kids as often (kidding), I exercise more, etc.

I write many of my blog posts in a notebook then transfer them onto my blog. I’m sitting at my desk this morning, the house is quiet, everyone’s sleeping and ideas are pouring out of my head. I have two posts finished, one started and titles for three more. I could sit here for hours writing. And that is precisely my problem. I have so many things that need to get done that it’s too overwhelming for my ADD brain so I’ll find one thing to focus on and do it for hours (see KOC post).

I’ll amaze myself if any of these posts actually make it onto the computer. This is my problem with exercising, too. When I’m on Adderall I do it more often- instead of once a month like now.  The alarm has gone off, I’ve popped in my new dosage and we’ll see what happens!