Make a difference in someone’s life

I spend a lot of time on social media.  I see friends donating to charities, starting foundations, running for causes, collecting donations, creating businesses and more.  They are making a difference in people’s lives and in their families lives.  They are doing something big.  I look at my life and wish there was something I could do. I see their posts and feel like I need to do more.  I want to do something.

This week I was shown that I am doing something big.  I am making a difference in people’s lives.  But I don’t look at it like that.  With the Facebook memories popping up daily I recently realized that I’ve been doing fitness challenges for almost four years.  Some were successful, many were not.  Lately, they have really taken off.  I’ve mentioned before that I started them as an accountability for me.  I felt that if I had other moms going through the same thing that I’d stick to my goals.  I have at times but haven’t at others.  I was hit hard when I was rear ended two years ago (pun intended).  Getting up to my heaviest weight was a big wake up call for me.  Seeing health issues a friend was having also became a motivation.  I created the Healthy and Fit Challenge and it was the most successful challenge yet.  Hot For Halloween was kind of a dud but I did finally see 129 lbs on the scale for the first time in many years.

12235133_10208085194714424_1057883123288829991_n The challenges DO work!

Last month, 29 moms joined the Relentless Challenge.  They have definitely been relentless.  It’s been such a humbling experience for me.  I’m very hard on myself in many areas of my life.  I’m trying to use Relentless to let go of things I’ve held onto for too long.  There are several other ladies in the same boat.  It’s not just a fitness challenge.  I wanted to work on their self esteem, bad food choices, finding out why we procrastinate, how to motivate ourselves and more.  Their support for each other is phenomenal.  Their commitment is unwavering.  Their accomplishments are big and small and they share them all (now I sound like Dr. Seuss).

I don’t want a pat on the back and I don’t look for recognition for what I do.  When I created Real Fit Mom, I just wanted to inspire one mom.  Each time one mom asks me to do another challenge I feel like I accomplished my goal.  There are more out there that want and need help, motivation and inspiration and I’m happy to do it.  I don’t make any money from the challenges and that’s okay.  I don’t put my name in to win any of the incentives and that’s okay, too.  I get paid and I win every time I see a post about losing three pounds, giving up soda, going on a walk, working out with kids, getting a husband to join, making it through a tough workout.  I win and get paid when I see sweaty  sparkle selfies, progress pictures, working through a cold or flu, hitting 10k steps and more.


These ladies have started to make me cry daily with their support, accomplishments and especially their gratitude.  I’m humbled, grateful, motivated, inspired, emotional and proud.  They are donating to their future.  They are starting strong foundations. They are creating healthy lifestyles.  They are doing something big.

And that makes it all worth it.  And makes me feel like I’m doing something big.  They make me happy and they make me smile.



Free challenges forever!


I love running fitness challenges on Tampa Bay Mom’s Group. I get so excited when I see the moms all excited.

Today I was perusing (fancy word for stalking) other fit mom blogs and pages. I discovered that many were Beachbody coaches. I have nothing against them, I almost was one if you read my last post. We’ve had some come on TBMG advertising their amazing challenges but when you ask for more information you discover that they want you to buy the latest workout DVD set and their protein shakes. Again, totally fine but not always financially feasible.

One of the most asked questions I get about my challenges is, “How much does it cost?” I love replying, “It’s FREE!”  And they always will be for the challengers.

I almost started selling Visalus again, I had the form all filled out and ready to go…until I lost 17 lbs. I didn’t lose it drinking any shakes, taking any drops or pills or buying any workout DVDs (yes, I have bought 2 Beachbody sets but I wasn’t using them when I lost the weight).

I hated backing out of my commitment to join Visalus but when I saw my scale flash 129 lbs, I just couldn’t hit the submit button. I want to show my fitness moms that they don’t need any fad diets, quick fixes or to spend a lot of money to get healthy and fit. They just need to make better food choices and take advantage of all of the free resources available to them.

You don’t have to break the bank to be a healthier you.

Day 28…..pretend you’re reading yesterday….again

I’m only one day behind thanks to the fabulous “relax” day on the Brazil Butt Lift schedule- which means I don’t get to relax.  Most of today (ok, yesterday) was uneventful, made breakfast, cleaned, made lunch, cleaned, in-laws came and went, cleaned.

The highlight of my day (not) was taking my oldest daughter Homecoming dress shopping with her boyfriend.  Yay!  She already knew which dress she wanted but because her boyfriend and I are mean, we made her try on about 20 other ones just cuz.  She got the one she wanted (an hour later) and then decided she needed shoes.  Double yay!  Off to Traffic we went!  Another hour later she got the shoes she originally wanted but again, her boyfriend and I made her try/look at several others.  Hubby got tired of holding dinner so I told him to go ahead and we’d eat when we got home.  He made some German noodle/meat/potato dumpling thing that, if I liked German food, would have been super yummy.  I ate it but I’m an All American girl- God help me if I ever make it to Europe!

After all that uneventful stuff, I decided I needed to get back on track NOW since I was only two days behind.  Move over Slacker Fattie!  Skinny Bitch is determined to stick to the damn schedule this time!  I did my daily Cardio Axe then the Bum Bum but <gasp> when I went to get the P90x Plyometrics DVD……..<enter dramatic pausing music here> it was missing!  <Dum dum dummmmmmm>  And I so LOVE doing the Plyo, too.  I was devastated.  Heartbroken.  In tears.  HAPPY TEARS!  Hahaha, I hate Plyo but was ready to do it anyway.  So now I’m going to have to hang ‘LOST, Plyo DVD.  Please return to owner if found.  #867-5309.’  If you’re not an 80’s kid you won’t get that.  LOL

Bahahahahahahaha!  This is funny (at least to me).  I was hitting up Google images for a Brazil Butt Lift picture to add to this post.  I spotted a before and after butt shot and thought there was NO WAY that girl’s butt looked like that after doing the DVD.  I was right.  She had butt implants.  All she had to do was call me.  I’d have given her some of mine.  Would you do this?  I’m all for breast implants but butt implants?  Mmmmmmmmm, no.  But that’s just me.  So here’s a nekked hiney pic for you to start your day.  WARNING!!!  Put your coffee down before looking at the picture.   I will not be held responsible for you spewing all over your computer.

IMO, there was nothing wrong with that girl’s butt to begin with.  But I bet she’s happy with her new rear.  Wonder what it feels like when she sits down.  Hmmmm…….

Challenge and Motivation

Through blogging I’ve been able to reach out and help others who are trying to become healthy and fit.  On my personal Facebook I occasionally post when I’ve lost weight or inches as well as the workouts I’ve done.  Some of my friends sit at their screens yelling at me complaining about wanting to lose weight.  Apparently that’s turned out to be a great thing as one of my friends started a group to motivate her friends.  I was her motivation even though she was one of those yelling at her screen (and letting others know how annoyed she was because I’m not happy with my weight).

It’s pretty much been proven that having a workout buddy or someone to hold you accountable is a major plus in helping to keep you on track.  On my old blog I would tell my readers about big workout plans I was going to do or amazing food plans I was going to follow.  You won’t get that here.  You’ll only see what I’ve already done since I tend to be more of a planner than a doer.  I’ve joined the group on Facebook and hope to not only gain motivation through the other members but also motivate them as well.  I’m also hoping to use this blog as motivation and be accountable to you.  After all, you’re coming here to see how a REAL mom gets fit!

I’ve set a goal to be fit and healthy by mid-August, just in time for Hubby’s birthday.  That gives me about 70 days to complete my goal.

Day 70 (we’re counting backwards)-

Yesterday I was very proud of myself for doing my Crunch Go Go Dance DVD with both ankle and wrist weights.  Boy was that a workout!  I posted my success on Facebook and a friend commented she’d just ordered INSANITY.  “INSANITY is P90x on crack” was what my friend Bethany said.  I said, “It was nice knowing you!”  After chatting back and forth about it I decided to get my butt off the computer and exercise again.  Bethany recommended P90x Plyometrics and described it as jumping around like a Gazelle.  I was pumped but scared especially after putting the DVD in and seeing it was over an hour long!  But, I stuck it out and even though I had to follow the moderation chick I finished the whole workout without pausing or passing out.

What is your motivation?  Take before pictures, that’s a big motivator for me.  Here are my before and after pictures from the six month long weight loss challenge I was in last year:

Before picture 1/09

Before picture 1/09

After picture 7/09

After picture 7/09

Ok, after seeing these now I’m really mad.  I was six pounds away from my goal and I threw it all away!  Never again.  When I get there I’m staying there- fit and healthy.