Challenge and Motivation

Through blogging I’ve been able to reach out and help others who are trying to become healthy and fit.  On my personal Facebook I occasionally post when I’ve lost weight or inches as well as the workouts I’ve done.  Some of my friends sit at their screens yelling at me complaining about wanting to lose weight.  Apparently that’s turned out to be a great thing as one of my friends started a group to motivate her friends.  I was her motivation even though she was one of those yelling at her screen (and letting others know how annoyed she was because I’m not happy with my weight).

It’s pretty much been proven that having a workout buddy or someone to hold you accountable is a major plus in helping to keep you on track.  On my old blog I would tell my readers about big workout plans I was going to do or amazing food plans I was going to follow.  You won’t get that here.  You’ll only see what I’ve already done since I tend to be more of a planner than a doer.  I’ve joined the group on Facebook and hope to not only gain motivation through the other members but also motivate them as well.  I’m also hoping to use this blog as motivation and be accountable to you.  After all, you’re coming here to see how a REAL mom gets fit!

I’ve set a goal to be fit and healthy by mid-August, just in time for Hubby’s birthday.  That gives me about 70 days to complete my goal.

Day 70 (we’re counting backwards)-

Yesterday I was very proud of myself for doing my Crunch Go Go Dance DVD with both ankle and wrist weights.  Boy was that a workout!  I posted my success on Facebook and a friend commented she’d just ordered INSANITY.  “INSANITY is P90x on crack” was what my friend Bethany said.  I said, “It was nice knowing you!”  After chatting back and forth about it I decided to get my butt off the computer and exercise again.  Bethany recommended P90x Plyometrics and described it as jumping around like a Gazelle.  I was pumped but scared especially after putting the DVD in and seeing it was over an hour long!  But, I stuck it out and even though I had to follow the moderation chick I finished the whole workout without pausing or passing out.

What is your motivation?  Take before pictures, that’s a big motivator for me.  Here are my before and after pictures from the six month long weight loss challenge I was in last year:

Before picture 1/09

Before picture 1/09

After picture 7/09

After picture 7/09

Ok, after seeing these now I’m really mad.  I was six pounds away from my goal and I threw it all away!  Never again.  When I get there I’m staying there- fit and healthy.


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