Day 54…Mountain Top is a Mini-Muffin Top (pic update!)

I’m shrinking!  I’m shrinking!  Aside from my attractive pose (I’m not sure why that seemed like a good idea) and the fact that my tag is sticking out in both pictures (my oldest daughter pointed that out) I’m damn proud of myself.  Skinny Bitch is kicking Slacker Fattie’s butt big time.  The picture on the left is what I looked like three weeks ago and the one on the right was me on Monday.  Since I threw my scale away and my kids scratched my Wii Fit disc again I can’t weight myself but I do know that I’ve lost eight inches in three weeks.  I still have two weeks left till Halloween so I need to do some major work in order for Hubby to pick out something sexy for me to wear.  After looking at Erica’s blog I’m thinking I may need to adjust my countdown.  I think she’s got this set to end on November 20th- I’ve never claimed to be very good at counting, just ask my manager from high school.  She hated me when we did inventory.  I should have known back then I had ADD- I get distracted by shiny things.  Off to dance class!  I’ll write about my cheat day later- yes, I cheated!!


New goals

I’m up, drinking my Sexy Smoothie, already did my daily Wii Fit test and I’m ready to set some new goals.  Wii Fit is set to lose four pounds in two weeks and I WILL do it this time.  I’m not looking at fourteen days from now like I normally do.  I’m looking at today.  Right now.  When I finish this blog post I’ll spend thirty minutes getting caught up with emails, tweets and work then finish my Wii yoga (tummy was rumbling for a smoothie so I had to take a break).  I’m not going to share the rest of my daily goals with you because whenever I say I’m going to do something I rarely ever get it done- probably the ADD in me.

My goal is to come back later and write a post about all that I got done today.  What got the fire lit under my butt today?  Not only am I really wanting to go to Universe Weekend in June (Miami for my birthday- what’s better than that?) but I want to feel good about myself again.  Watching Barbie Decker’s transformation a few minutes ago showed me that I can reach my goals and become a real fit mom (and a hot mom, too!).

I’m trying hard to look forward and think positive but I know me.  I get these fires lit but quickly allow  Slacker Fattie to extinguish them.  We’ll see if Skinny B!tch can prevail- I have faith in her.



I always seem to do beginning measurements but never ending ones- except once.  So here I am again dragging out my measuring tape and recorded my starting point. 

This is big for me but I have a small frame so please keep that in mind as you sneer at your computer screen- or relish in the thought that you’re smaller than me, to which I would sneer at you, haha.  I know some will read this and be ticked that this is where I’m starting but one of the most important things to remember is that everyone is built differently (more on that later).  So here we go!

Right arm- 12.5 in
Left arm- 12 in
Chest- 38 in
Waist- 36.5 in
Hips- 39.5 in
Right thigh- 22 in
Left thigh- 22 in

I plan on Tweeting my Wii Fit Plus stats again daily and will post a weekly picture when I record my measurements.  Eventually I’ll figure out how to send Tweet Pics to my phone…..maybe.

Mother’s Day lesson- Wii Fit Plus is not perfect

Mother’s Day is my day to not exercise, do whatever I want and order Red Lobster for dinner. We get takeout because lugging a family of six out to a restaurant on Mother’s Day is beyond stressful.  My best present this year was turning on my newly restored Wii Fit Plus* and seeing that I’d lost two pounds!

Not wanting to ruin it too badly I opted for a Sexy Smoothie for breakfast. The plan was to have one for lunch too but Hubby ruined that by ordering Alice Spring’s Chicken Quesadillas from Outback- best I’ve ever had (must be the bacon). Dinner was Coconut Shrimp, Shrimp Scampi, Crab Stuffed Shrimp, Clam Chowder and of course a cheesy biscuit. YUM! My facebook friends were jealous.

The next morning I hopped on the Wii Fit Plus with one eye squinting at the screen…..+ 7.3 pounds. Ummmm, in one day? Before I panicked I sent out an emergency text to four of my friends. Kristi text back she didn’t think it was possible. This prompted me to try a do-over. Whew! It was only a 2.1 pound gain.

I learned two lessons: 1. Exercising on days off is a must (which completely negates the term “days off”) and 2. Wii Fit Plus is not perfect. Erica’s response to that revelation was “It’s a game console.” Well, I still expected it to be perfect.

*My kids scratched the Wii Fit Plus game so badly it no longer worked.  I took it down to Play n Trade and for $3 (2 for $5) they made it like new and saved me a boatload of money.  Thank you Play n Trade!

Measuring your fat rolls is a must

Get out that measuring tape and shrink those fat rolls!  No, it’s not a new weight loss scam but it is important to measure parts of your body since muscle weighs more than fat.  If you’re frustrated at getting on the scale and not seeing the numbers go down but your jeans are fitting better chances are you’re gaining muscle!

Since deciding to get fit three years ago, after realizing I was so not, I bought a measuring tape.  Muscle weighs more than fat so I am trying to concentrate more on inches lost rather than pounds lost.  That doesn’t keep me off the Wii Fit Plus every morning checking my BMI and weight though!

On the left are the measurements from March 3rd 2010 and on the right is where I am today:

weight- 137.5              128
chest- 36                      36
waist- 35                      35
hips- 40.5                    36.25
right arm- 12.5           12
left arm- 12.5              12
right leg- 22.5              21.75
left leg- 22.5                 21.5

Woohoo!  In the last two months I’ve lost 9.5 lbs and 7 in.  Think about how much more I could have lost if I’d actually been working consistently!  That’s my biggest issue and something we are going to work on.

I have two weddings coming up in less than two weeks and I am trying to lose as much as I can between now and then. Two weeks after the weddings is my 37th birthday and I hope to be down to my goal of 110 by then but we’ll see. I know, according to weight loss experts you’re only supposed to lose one pound a week but I sat on my butt for the last three months and now it’s crunch time…literally.

Feeling good!


I woke up Monday morning on a kick butt mission.  I cleaned all weekend and my back was killing me.  Man am I out of shape! 

I ate a bowl of Rice Krispies with almond milk (hey, it’s better than my usual Cap’n Crunch with whole milk) and hopped on my Wii Fit Plus.  With my back hurting so much I decided to do some yoga which I normally hate.  I don’t mind it so much on the Wii though.  I got 5 high scores and felt amazing after just 15 minutes!

I felt so good I did three sets of 15 counter push ups later in the day.  That made me feel even better!  I was on an exercise high and was ready to get back to Brazil Butt Lift the next day.  Wahhhooooo! 

Boo hoo.  I woke up yesterday morning with the cold my younger two kids had.  Poor hubby asked me what was wrong and I bit his head off.  “I don’t feel good, I’m pissed off that I can’t exercise and I want a chicken salad sandwich.”  Never got my sandwich and I stayed in a foul mood until bath time- mine, not the kid’s.

Today is a new day…..I’m making it count!