Bikini Body Mommy Day 15

I’ll be honest, I haven’t done this one yet and still need to do Day 13 but I’m remotivated and redetermined after training on Saturday.  I’m ready to get my Pure Romance business back up and running and be fit and healthy while doing it!

Yeesh.  It’s measuring, weighing and picture day.  Blech.

Day 15


This was tough!  But I made it all the way through and did one set of Day 13 as well as Day 12 Fit Test.

Squat swing    47

Push up t-stands    38

Lunge knee ups    50

Mountain climbers   88

Bicep curls    40

Step ups    24

Straight leg squat thrusts    22

Hundreds    165

Push ups were done against my dining room table for modification.  The bicep curls were tough since I haven’t done any weight lifting since my accident.  I had to do them slowwwwllllyyy.  For the Step Ups I used my adjustable Reebok aerobic step on the highest setting (ain’t no way I could have done them on a chair!).

Today I did my measurements, too.   I just realized I didn’t post my beginning measurements so here are both.  This is the third week in and I’ve done pretty good.  Normally I don’t even make it through Week Two on challenges because I get frustrated by not seeing instant differences.  I’m working very, very hard on being patient and realizing that it took over a year to put the weight on (ten pounds during the four months after my accident) and it’s going to take a long time to get it off.  I’m eating a lot less, a lot healthier and have lasted longer than most times I’ve tried this.  I’ve only had fast food ONE TIME and it was totally on accident.  It was breakfast so I didn’t think about the chicken biscuit I was eating until it was almost gone.  Whoopsie!  I think I’ve only had two fountain drinks, too (fountain tastes way better than bottles or cans, IMO).

I measure one extra area then most people do- that stupid pooch below your belly button that causes you to have to lay down and button your jeans.  The first number is my measurements on January 3rd and the second is from today.

chest             41.25         40.5

right arm     12.5            12.5

left arm        12.5            12.5

waist              38.25        35.75

pooch            39              38.5

hips                41.5          41.5

right thigh   24             23.5

left thigh      24            23.5

weight           148          147

If I did my math correctly, that’s 4.25 inches and 1 whopping pound.  I’m not harping on the one pound because muscle weighs more than fat.  You all should know by now that I don’t even own a scale and prefer to measure and tell by how my clothes fit.  The good news is my fat pants are really loose!  I’ll post pictures when there’s been more of a difference.  I’m tired of taking before pictures and never getting to take after pictures so give me a little more time to post them.  I’m ready for some real visual differences in the next couple of weeks.  See ya Slacker Fattie!  Fit Bitch is busting through!


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