Queen of Yeah, That Too

I am the Queen of Excuses. I am also the Queen of Procrastination and Cheat Day. If Elizabeth I can rule 3 countries, I can, too!! But I’ll save the latter 2 for another post.

My fitness moms are aware of my “no excuses” attitude. Some are so afraid of my ruling that they email me, afraid they will disappointment me when they are sick. Sheesh, I didn’t think I was that tough!! I always tell them to listen to their bodies and serious illnesses are legit excuses.

But do I follow my own advice? Shit no. I’m the queen dammit!! But that’s going to change. I am a leader and need to act like one. My biggest issue is scheduling. My family has a sort of schedule. Like my daughter, back to school today, has to be dropped off at 7:15 and picked up at 2:30 Monday-Friday. She also has dance 5 days a week but every day has different times. But, every week is the same. My 19 year old and I have set times for our classes. Aside from that, it’s usually total chaos.


I’m home all day. I have plenty of time to get most or all of my to do list done. But I have no structure. One of my admission from our last challenge tried to help me. I need an assistant- who will work for free.

My biggest issue is my ADD. I can’t even sit down to make a plan because it’s too overwhelming.


I can. I just have to clear the table, clear my mind, put away all electronics and make someone sit with me to keep me on task.



excuses are just that- excuses. We need to overcome them and provide solutions so we can tackle and complete our tasks. My #1 priority is scheduling workout time. When I get my butt in gear and get the details worked out I’ll share them. I know I’m not the only one who deals with this!!

No more excuses. It’s go time!!


Starting over…again…again

I’ve ripped all the charts and workout schedules off the wall. They aren’t working. On April 3rd I typed up and printed out a two month plan filled with unrealistic fat burning workouts.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday are scratched off…..it’s May 13th. First I developed a really bad cold. When I was better I jumped back in and went on a 5 mile walk/jog. My hip gave out after two miles and the rest of me gave out after another two. I woke up the next morning and the front of my ankles hurt REALLY bad. This has happened after long walks before so if I ever join an online dating service I probably won’t be adding “loves long walks on the beach.” Or it could be my shoes? Hey Reebok, Nike, Adidas, want to toss me some shoes to try? No? Ok, it was worth a shot.

Anyway (I told you I had ADD, haha) after recovering from sore ankles I got that monthly thing. I tried to exercise through the cramps but when I started yelling for an epidural I had to give up. By the way, epidurals should be sold over the counter in my opinion. So another month slid by and I am still squeezing into my too small clothes and trying to tuck my muffin top into my jeans (FYI, it doesn’t work).

The good news? The two pounds I gained from stuffing my face with Red Lobster on Mother’s Day is gone. Thank you Brazil Butt Lift!