Behavior change is a learnable skill

“Behavior change is a learnable skill and you can learn it.” I downloaded a new app 4 days ago and that was in a letter to me this morning. I’m still playing around with the app so I’m not ready to reveal it quite yet, but I’m loving it so far. 

One of the many things my fitness challenge moms hear me say often is, “Make small changes, gradually.” We all have things we need to tweak in our lives. Some of the changes are big and some are small. What we need to remember is to not try to overhaul everything at once. We will fail. 

Studies show that it takes 21 days to change a habit. That’s totally doable. Set an alarm, invest in sticky notes, have someone email or text you if you need reminders. I’ve tried several apps and none have worked for me. I’m hoping this new one does!!

A big change most of us need to work on is breakfast. It’s so easy to skip it or grab something unhealthy. Eating breakfast can improve concentration, performance, endurance and strength. We need lean protein to give us a big boost first thing. Purdue University researcher, Wayne Campbell, PhD, says,”Protein blunts your hunger the most and is the most satiating.” 

Great sources of protein include eggs, banana or apple slices with peanut butter, plain oatmeal, a handful of almonds or walnuts and low sugar yogurt. Avoid donuts, waffles, pancakes and sweet starches (everything I love to eat for breakfast). These will spike your sugar levels and in about 2 hours, crash your energy level.

If I can give up Cap’n Crunch and whole milk, anyone can give up sweets for breakfast! Protein- get some! Make that one of your small changes that you start today.

What small changes or habits have you made?


Day 2 Bikini Body Mommy challenge

Day 2 was rough!!!  I made it the whole way through with modifications.  I was sore from the two fit tests and my adult jazz class yesterday but was able to finish.  I was very proud of myself.  I really can’t explain how much it helps to be going along with Briana during this challenge and seeing her struggle like I am.  Like I said yesterday this is totally what I’ve been looking for.  It’s about damn time someone put themselves out there like this!!

I’m on Day 8 of eating healthy (which was the first thing my friend Gina asked when I talked to her today about my issues).  I was proud to tell her about the good food choices I’ve been making. 

I’m still a day behind on Bikini Body Mommy but caught up on the 21 Day so tomorrow I’ll double up on BBM to get caught up.  I’m also headed back to the gym tomorrow and meeting with a trainer who will hopefully help show me how to regain the muscle I lost and help me get all of my range of motions back. 

Remember if you’re just now finding this workout you can start at Day 1 and take it one day at a time.  I was only one day behind which is why I’m doubling up to catch up.  Just make sure you’re up and moving and eating right!

It’s 70% food and 30% exercise.  So far I’m doing great with both!