New Fitness Challenge!!

I started another weight loss challenge yesterday on Tampa Bay Moms Group.  I always say I’m not going to do anymore because so many people drop out (me included) but I’m a sucker for helping other moms get fit and healthy so when asked, I do!

I feel a little bit like Bikini Body Mommy because I’m actually two weeks ahead- since I started BBM two weeks ago.  I haven’t lost anything yet but I am getting into the habit of working out every day which is a huge step for me.  Every time I start over I say I’m “determined to finish this time” but don’t.  This time I have an accountability partner that’s in it not for me to look sexy but to help me become healthier.  It’s kind of ironic that she’s a foodie and travels all over the world eating whatever she wants while I’m eating tons of eggs.  But even she has learned that while certain people can eat whatever they want, without some self control and exercise, weight will creep on…especially as we get older.

This has been an eight year battle for me and has caused depression, anxiety, even more self esteem issues than I already had, marital problems and having ‘fat shorts’ in my closet.  I’ve seen a scale read 153 lbs with me on it.  I know I’ll never be the 103 lbs that I was twenty-one years ago before I had my first child but I also know that 153 lbs is not a healthy weight for my small 5’4″ frame.  I’m glad for my accountability partner who reminds me I need to do this for my health (while I’m hiding in my closet yelling “I just wanna be sexy again!!”).

Almost five years ago I created Slacker Fattie and Skinny Bitch.  Skinny Bitch was renamed Fit Bitch after a ‘DOH!’ moment that I was supposed to be focusing on being fit and healthy on the inside instead of obsessing about what I looked like on the outside.  I came across this picture recently and it was the perfect vision of Fit Bitch chiseling away at Slacker Fattie.


It takes an artist a long time to create a sculpture.  It took a while for the weight to pile up and I have to remember that it’s going to take a while for it to come off (see Patience is (not) a Virtue (of mine) that I posted recently).  On September 5th, it will be one year since I was rear ended leaving me unable to do much of anything for three months.  Although I’m still dealing with neck and back pain, I’m taking my life back.  I’m being very careful but can’t sit around anymore watching that number on the scale continue to rise.


I am tired of starting over.  But I’m not giving up.




Exercise? Or sex?

If you had to pay for one which would you choose?

Apparently, my friends all seem to choose sex.  No, they don’t pay me for sex.

I’ve tried a number of ‘Home Parties’ over the last several years.  I did Princess House for a year and did okay except the majority of my money went to buying the products- all of which broke except for 3 ceramic pots and the casserole dish and mug that came with my kit.  Next I tried Mary Kay- I love make up and my favorite color is pink, yeah, I wanted the car.  I bought the kit.  That’s where that one ended.

Next I tried It Works body wraps which, after lots of research, I was sure was going to be the next big thing and make me tons of money.  The good news is they ARE the next big thing and making so many people rich that the wraps are on back order for a month….I somehow missed out.  I got a couple of friends to buy them but mostly I used the ones I bought (and honestly, really loved them).  I recently dropped that biz.

My nephew called me one day with this great new biz that was going to not only make us a ton of money but also help us lose weight.  SOLD!  I paid the $50 to be a distributor for Body by Vi, bought my first bag of shake mix for $50 and was hooked.  They are so yummy and I use them as a meal replacement for breakfast.  I tried for months to get my friends to join the craze and get fit with me.  Bonus, use the wraps to help suck off more fat!  Nothing happened.  I did finally sell two kits about 6 weeks ago and had a sudden interest for them but soon after it died.  My nephew, his girlfriend and my sister-in-law dropped it way before I did.  So much for that big money maker!

Back in March I went to a Pure Romance party and within five minutes I was texting Hubby to tell him to fork over the cash, I was signing up to be a consultant.  I became active and had 2 parties a month later.  That was three months ago.  I’ve made more money and had more fun with Pure Romance than any of the other “party plans” combined!  And the kicker?  90% of my parties have been hosted by a close friend with other close friends in attendance- many times it’s the same friends!    They won’t spend money on wraps or weight loss shakes but DAMN will they spend money on sex toys!  One even signed up as a consultant even though she has most of the catalog.  Another had a party last night and before I was even 10 minutes into my demo she was ready to buy the kit.  By the end of the party she already had someone to sign up under her!  That old adage that “sex sells” is right on the money.

I went into this business thinking it might work but probably wouldn’t.  I’m not the greatest sales person and often forget important things like entering the correct code for credit card authorizations, not doing my customer care cards or mentioning the BIG SALE I was currently running (I blame my ADD).  But my friends love me and are supportive.  Who knew capitalizing on your friend’s sex lives would be so successful!?

Interested in the big craze that’s got my friends busting out their credit cards?  You can visit my website at and place an order, book a party or sign up to party with me!  If you want to book a party I’ll travel to pretty much anywhere in Florida and can do catalog or Skype parties as well.  My email is  The best part of my job is making women happy…..oh yeah, and their husbands (you wouldn’t believe the number of thank you’s I get from the hubbys).

If you’d rather get fit I’m still a distributor for Body by Vi nutritious weight loss shakes which you can order here.  I only get credit if you order a kit which is actually a better deal than just buying a bag- you get flavor packets with the kit and save a couple bucks.

What does all this have to do with being fit?  Not much.  My point of this post is to show that you shouldn’t give up just because you get knocked down a few times.  I get frustrated with myself for not exercising but eventually I pick it back up again.  I get frustrated when parties cancel but then one will fall in my lap.   I still want to do Tough Mudder and with my party sales I’ll be able to pay the registration fee very soon!

If you’re having a rough time you can mope about it or you can pick yourself up and keep trying new things until you find that one thing that works for you.  It’s your life, your choice.

Blueberry Bran Pancakes

1 cup Fiber One cereal

1 egg

1 1/4 cup skim milk

2 Tbsp canola oil

1 cup whole wheat flour

1 Tbsp sugar

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 cup fresh or frozen (thawed) blueberrries


Crush cereal by placing in Ziploc bag.  In medium bowl, beat egg with whisk or fork.  Beat in milk, oil and cereal; let stand until cereal is softened.  Beat in remaining ingredients except blueberries.  Gently stir in blueberries.  Pour 1/4 cup of batter onto hot greased skillet.  Cook until both sides are done.

Yogurt parfait

1 1/2 cups yogurt

2 Tbsp of honey

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup sliced strawberries

1 cup fresh blueberries

1 cup fresh raspberries

4 tsp low fat granola


In a mixing bowl, combine the yogurt, honey and vanilla extract.  Beat with an electric mixer until fluffy and smooth.  Place strawberries evenly among four dishes.  Divide blueberries among 4 dishes and top each with 3 Tbsp of yogurt.  Divide raspberries among 4 dishes and top each with remaining yogurt mixture.  Garnish with teaspoon of the granola.

What to expect your first time using body wrap

What To Expect The First Time You Use

  • You’ll lose inches!
  • The Ultimate Body Applicator is successful for the majority of users the very first time it is used.
  • The Applicator should not be compared to or confused with diuretic products that temporarily cause water
  • weight reduction. The Applicator converts “fat cells” to energy.
  • Along with the Applicator, sensible eating habits are recommended for optimum results.

What if nothing happens…
Although most begin to see improvements and inch loss after the first application, some may take up to 3-4
applications to achieve optimal results. Those who are on medication and/or who have toxic systems (i.e., are not
regular) may fit in this category. Inch loss is not the only benefit from the Applicator. It also defines, tightens, tones
and firms the skin, and visibly enhances the body’s contours. It also diminishes the appearance of cellulite and skin slackening. Improves the elasticity, moisturizes and vitalizes the skin, leaving it smooth and flexible, with a youthful fresh appearance.

What if I gain inches?
Don’t be alarmed… this is actually a good thing! The Applicator will cause the toxins in the body to get stirred up,
which will initially cause the body to bloat and produce an apparent gain in inches. Drinking a large amount of water
within the next couple of days following the use of the Applicator will allow the body to flush the toxins and many
have then seen a significant inch loss as a result!

Why become a Loyal Customer?
Get wholesale distributor pricing (20% – 45% off) every time you shop as a Loyal Customer. It is free to join!
When you agree to participate in our auto-ship program for a minimum of three consecutive months, you will
have access to all the It Works products at wholesale pricing.
As a Loyal Customer, you are only required to order one product item each month. You can place as many or
as few items as you like on your monthly shipment, as long as you fulfill the one-item minimum.
Some months you just might not need the same item(s) again, or you may want to try something new. We
understand that, which is why you can change your auto-ship order to meet your needs each month.

How & Why It Works!

  • Average Inch Loss 1-3 Inches Per Application
  • Immediate Results in 45 Minutes
  • Continues to Work for 72 Hours
  • Results Last 2-6 Months then Maintenance
  • Natural Herbs metabolize Fat
  • to Energy (Paraben-Free)
  • Non a Diuretic – Need Water to Flush
  • Fat & Toxins (Drink 8 Glasses per Day)
  • Not Water Weight Lost – Actual Inch & Pound Loss
  • Works Great for Both Men & Women
  • What Are You Waiting For?! It Works!

Body wraps- holy crap they worked!!

I’ll admit I was skeptical but still dished out the dough hoping it would work.  I tried the body wrap on my belly first.  A tip from a fellow ItWorks Global rep- take a hot shower and use a scrubby or loofah with NO body wash.  Make sure skin is free of any lotions, too.  I opened the package and laid out the contents- the wrap and directions.  Tossing aside my ‘do first read directions later’ ADD I carefully read the directions.  I’d watched several videos on youtube and thought using plastic wrap was a bit much but quickly realized it was a necessity- only I didn’t have any.  So after I opened the wrap, pulled it apart and applied it to my freshly scrubbed belly I went in search for something to wrap around it.  Hubby wouldn’t give up the ace bandage so I rummaged around until I found the girdle (for lack of a better word) I bought for a bridesmaid dress.

*Body Wrap Service Announcement- No where did I read anything about the smell of the wraps.  FYI, they smell and feel like Icy Hot.  Apparently that’s the smell that comes from mixing up the concoction to suck out evil toxins from my over toxified body.  My 4 and 7 year old kids came near me and exclaimed, “What’s that smell?”  Don’t worry, it’s just mommy trying to get fit and healthy-  go play.  So now you’ve been warmed about the smell.  Oh, and the icy hot feeling.

Another tip I got was to move around while wearing the wrap.  Fold some laundry, vacuum, do some dishes, etc but do NOT exercise while wearing it.  Sweat will clog your pores preventing the wraps from working.

Anyway, after an hour (you have to leave it on for a minimum of 45 minutes) I took it off, rubbed the excess lotion in and did my measurements again.  I’d lost one inch from above my belly button, 2.5 inches from just below and .5 inches from a little further down.  WOW- 4 inches total!

HOLD UP!  I was still skeptical.  So a few hours later (only wrap one area at a time) I cut one in half and wrapped each piece around my upper arms after measuring in three different spots while holding my arms out to the side (this is important).  Again, no plastic wrap so I got creative and wrapped disposable shopping bags around each arm with some tape….and the assistance of my 14 year old.  After an hour I removed the bags and wraps, rubbed the excess lotion in and remeasured.  Because I cut the wrap in half I didn’t lose anything from where I took the first measurements but I did lose 1.25 inches off of each arm!

What could be better than that?  Well, let me tell you!  I measured again 24 hours later and had lost another inch off my stomach area and .75 inches off of one arm and .5 inches off the other.  Ok, NOW I’m convinced!

Key points

  • Use one wrap at a time unless you’re doing arms/legs
  • For best results take a hot shower and use loofah/scrubby with no soap/lotion
  • Use saran wrap/ace bandage/girdle
  • Move around while wearing wrap or wear it while you sleep
  • Drink lots of water before, during and after
  • Don’t forget to measure!!!

Tampa Body Wraps

I was putting around on Facebook last Sunday and an ad caught my eye.  It said wrap party girls.  I clicked on it and saw it was a party plan for body wraps- you know, the ones you wrap over your fat that are supposed to shrink away the bulge?  I spent the next few hours Googling and reading then had a sit down with Hubby who, surprisingly, was on board.  I filled out the form to request more information and was contacted the next day by Robert who answered all of my questions and made sure to tell me if I signed up before the end of the month (5 days away) I’d only pay half price.  I talked to Hubby again and we decided we’d have to wait a bit before shelling out cash for another one of my hair brained ideas.

He surprised me again by calling me 10 minutes later and telling me to go ahead and sign up.  Yay!  After a 30 minute phone call with Robert I was a new It Works Global distributor.  I was so excited I immediately set up a new Facebook page (Tampa Body Wraps)….then decided to call on Necessary Indulgences to see how she did hers and created a different Facebook page.  I tossed my addictive FB game aside and dove into more research, tweaking my FB page and trying to figure out my new website.

I couldn’t wait to get my starter pack in the mail and became a stalker to my mailbox- he’s old and decrepit so enjoyed the new attention.  I tried to wait until it got here and I could try the wraps to see if they really did work but I was like a kid at Christmas.  I not only launched my FB page to my 300 closest friends but I also posted it on the website I “work” for.  Of course my BFF Steffany had to call me on it and ask me about guarantees if it didn’t work.  I suppose if someone really made a stink I’d offer their money back because I’m a nice person like that.  A few other moms also seemed interested and asked other informative questions…which I had to go look up since I’m such a newbie I had no idea what the answers were.

So, we’ll see if they were and if this hair brained idea actually works or not.  Stay tuned!