New year, new me

I somehow lost Sculpt so put in Rio Extreme the other day.  I made it halfway through!  I’d recently hurt my back so I didn’t think I would be able to do the whole thing.  I’d never gotten through much of Rio Extreme before so making it halfway was a pretty good accomplishment!

Yesterday, I had a brain fart and totally forgot about my new goal to complete BBL.  I guess I was more excited about Pure Romance’s new product launch than I thought!  While watching by Ustream last night, Chris (CEO) told us to write down our personal and business goals.  When I woke up this morning a fellow PR consultant asked why we’d joined Pure Romance.  These two people inspired me to finally sit down and write out what I expected of myself for 2013.

This is what I posted in response to the consultant’s question:

I started PR to pay for my daughter’s dance classes. My ‘Why’ has blossomed into so much more. I love helping and meeting other women, love the products, love my new financial independence, being able to help pay our bills, filling my gas guzzler up ALL the way…..and so much more. PR has completely changed my life. It’s even made me get back to exercising again because the weight I’ve gained puts extra pressure on my back making it hard to get through parties.

At my last party, one of my very good friends pointed out that the sweater I was wearing made my boobs look good……then pointed out that it also accentuated my protruding gut.  The party got off to a slow start because we were waiting for a few more guests and I had to sit down for a while.  My back was starting to hurt and it had nothing to do with the heels I was wearing.  My twenty plus weight gain is affecting all areas of my life including my business  and I’ve been using my business as an excuse to not exercise.  The two clashed together that night and this morning as I was typing my response I realized I had yet another reason to finally get fit.

My fitness goals are: I want to feel sexy again for my husband.  I want my size 5 jeans to actually fit without Mount Saint Muffin sitting on top of them.  I want my blouses to fit again as well as my new bras (my boobs do not need any more fat!).  I want to feel good on the inside and out.  I want to be able to get dressed for a party and not worry about having to suck in my gut or having my back hurt.  I want to show my kids it’s important to exercise and eat healthy.  I want to finally finish Brazil Butt Lift!!!

My personal goals are: I want to spend more time with my kids, especially my fifteen year old who will be leaving (maybe) in two years for college.  I want to work with my son on his baseball more as well as help my daughter with her dance.  I want to spend more time on housework- not because I enjoy it but because I want my house to be more in order which will not only help me achieve my other goals but will help my children to be more organized as well.  I want to spend more time with my parents, too.  They won’t be around forever and I don’t want to have any regrets.

My business goals are: I want to stop treating Pure Romance like a hobby and make it the business it needs to be.  I want to book more parties each month (I’ve already gone from 1-2 to 4-5) and recruit more girls (got one last night!).  I want to learn how to manage my money- it comes in and goes right back out!  I want to increase my inventory and be more organized.  Of course I want to make more money and be able to fill up The Bus at least once a month- ALL the way!  As for Tampa Bay Moms Group, I want to help it continue to grow by finding more sponsors and better content.

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I know this is a long list for just one busy mom of four and I may not get to all of them, but I’m writing them down and posting them on my wall so I will see them every day.

What goals have you made for yourself this year?


Pure Romance Gift Sets

Pure Romance commercial time!!

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Holiday Gift Sets

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Come Clean  Would you use Tide to wash your face? Then don’t use soap on your toys! Spritz a little Come Clean, wait 30 seconds, rinse and pat dry for a happy toy!
Sugar Sak– a cozy place to stow your toys away from little eyes.  Remember, toys can play together but not stay together!

Holly Jolly Christmas   Reg $33   Sale $27
Shimmer time  Enhance your eyes, cheeks and cleavage with this cream that gives extra sheen.
Scentuality   Sexy scent on the go!  Great for wristlets and small clutch purses.
More Drama lipstick  Rich, kissable, stay-put color available in 6 different shades.

Santa Baby  Reg $34  Sale $28
Coochy  Our rash-free shaving cream is also good for make up remover and conditioner!
Body Dew  Spray a little on your legs for a sexy sheen or spice up that tattoo- available in 5 different scents.

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I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus  Reg $39  Sale  $30
Perfect Pout   Plumping serum, help lips feel firmer, smoother.
Lip Lingerie  Smooth-gliding primer, helps color last longer.
Tell Me More  Long-lasting, kissable gloss available in 4 shades.

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Excape  Surround yourself with bubbles kissed with pink champagne or as a luxurious body wash.
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Kiss   Spritz a little Kiss on after each shower to make you feel rejuvenated.  Added pheromones will make you irresistible!

Chestnuts Roasting   Reg. $72  Sale  $67
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Jelly Tool Belt #1 selling couple’s toy.  Waterproof battery pack with two c-rings for double the pleasure!

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Pure Romance- The Bath

Pure Romance commercial time!

We carry ‘relationship enhancement products’ and ‘bedroom accessories’ but we also carry a wonderful line of bath, beauty and spa products which are wonderful to use after a grueling workout at the gym (you had to know I’d find a way to tie this into a fitness post!  LOL).

My three favorite bath products are Coochy (go ahead and giggle), Kiss and Excape (had to add the Pulsa Ball and Body Dew, too).

Ease into a swirl of foamy bubbles using Excape which contains pink champagne and ginseng.  Sooth those sore muscles as you inhale the subtle scents of Island Breeze or Plumeria.  Grab your Pulsa Ball, squirt some Excape on it and scrub the grime and sweat off your skin.  Use the Pulsa Ball on the back of your next to vibrate the stress away…..or use it other places as well.  😉  😉

Coochy (still giggling?) is our shaving lotion.  It softens the hair making shaving easier and leaving skin baby soft.  It also eliminates those pesky shaving bumps you get from using plain old soap and many shaving creams.  Plus, it doubles as a hair conditioner!  It comes in Green Tea, Original, Pear Berry, Pink Cupcake or Pomegranate.

Many women love to pair Coochy with our Body Dew which is an after shower or bath spritz that contains carnation oil and comes in the same scents as Coochy.  It gives your chiseled calves a sexy sheen and makes your biceps glisten when you go out for a night on the town to show off all your hard work at the gym.

Kiss is another body spritz which comes in Island Breeze or Plumeria.  This is great to spray on after you leave the gym or to keep in your purse as a last minute refresher.

To order any of these products or many of the other ones I carry on my website just click here- Pure Romance by Kathryn.

Exercise? Or sex?

If you had to pay for one which would you choose?

Apparently, my friends all seem to choose sex.  No, they don’t pay me for sex.

I’ve tried a number of ‘Home Parties’ over the last several years.  I did Princess House for a year and did okay except the majority of my money went to buying the products- all of which broke except for 3 ceramic pots and the casserole dish and mug that came with my kit.  Next I tried Mary Kay- I love make up and my favorite color is pink, yeah, I wanted the car.  I bought the kit.  That’s where that one ended.

Next I tried It Works body wraps which, after lots of research, I was sure was going to be the next big thing and make me tons of money.  The good news is they ARE the next big thing and making so many people rich that the wraps are on back order for a month….I somehow missed out.  I got a couple of friends to buy them but mostly I used the ones I bought (and honestly, really loved them).  I recently dropped that biz.

My nephew called me one day with this great new biz that was going to not only make us a ton of money but also help us lose weight.  SOLD!  I paid the $50 to be a distributor for Body by Vi, bought my first bag of shake mix for $50 and was hooked.  They are so yummy and I use them as a meal replacement for breakfast.  I tried for months to get my friends to join the craze and get fit with me.  Bonus, use the wraps to help suck off more fat!  Nothing happened.  I did finally sell two kits about 6 weeks ago and had a sudden interest for them but soon after it died.  My nephew, his girlfriend and my sister-in-law dropped it way before I did.  So much for that big money maker!

Back in March I went to a Pure Romance party and within five minutes I was texting Hubby to tell him to fork over the cash, I was signing up to be a consultant.  I became active and had 2 parties a month later.  That was three months ago.  I’ve made more money and had more fun with Pure Romance than any of the other “party plans” combined!  And the kicker?  90% of my parties have been hosted by a close friend with other close friends in attendance- many times it’s the same friends!    They won’t spend money on wraps or weight loss shakes but DAMN will they spend money on sex toys!  One even signed up as a consultant even though she has most of the catalog.  Another had a party last night and before I was even 10 minutes into my demo she was ready to buy the kit.  By the end of the party she already had someone to sign up under her!  That old adage that “sex sells” is right on the money.

I went into this business thinking it might work but probably wouldn’t.  I’m not the greatest sales person and often forget important things like entering the correct code for credit card authorizations, not doing my customer care cards or mentioning the BIG SALE I was currently running (I blame my ADD).  But my friends love me and are supportive.  Who knew capitalizing on your friend’s sex lives would be so successful!?

Interested in the big craze that’s got my friends busting out their credit cards?  You can visit my website at and place an order, book a party or sign up to party with me!  If you want to book a party I’ll travel to pretty much anywhere in Florida and can do catalog or Skype parties as well.  My email is  The best part of my job is making women happy…..oh yeah, and their husbands (you wouldn’t believe the number of thank you’s I get from the hubbys).

If you’d rather get fit I’m still a distributor for Body by Vi nutritious weight loss shakes which you can order here.  I only get credit if you order a kit which is actually a better deal than just buying a bag- you get flavor packets with the kit and save a couple bucks.

What does all this have to do with being fit?  Not much.  My point of this post is to show that you shouldn’t give up just because you get knocked down a few times.  I get frustrated with myself for not exercising but eventually I pick it back up again.  I get frustrated when parties cancel but then one will fall in my lap.   I still want to do Tough Mudder and with my party sales I’ll be able to pay the registration fee very soon!

If you’re having a rough time you can mope about it or you can pick yourself up and keep trying new things until you find that one thing that works for you.  It’s your life, your choice.