I lost 15 inches in 3 months!!! Slacker Fattie, be gone!!

Well, actually it was more like forty-five days since I didn’t do a whole lot the first forty-five.  I recently came to the end of a fitness challenge with a friend and was dumbfounded, shocked, flabbergasted, bewildered, surprised, amazed, overwhelmed and downright blown away when I did my final measurements last night.

I made myself stop measuring about six weeks ago because I was getting flustered and irritated.  I couldn’t weigh myself since I tossed my scale in the garbage a year ago and avoid the scale at Publix at all costs except to do my initial weigh in and the ending weigh in (why is it there’s no one near the scale when the kids are on it but the second I get on suddenly there’s a swarm of people nonchalantly trying to see how much I weigh??).  So needless to say, my results made me very happy and proud.  Skinny Bitch is here to stay!

So, how did I do it?  I gradually cut out the unhealthy foods I’ve grown up on.  This included fast food, whole milk, soda, processed foods, Kool-Aid, chips, any type of candy and eventually pizza (that was the hardest to let go).  By the end I no longer craved any of these foods or drinks- even eating my beloved pizza made me feel crummy inside (and I was NOT happy).  I’m eating more lean proteins, drinking mostly water (occasionally I’d allow juice or soda), more fruits and veggies and in the last thirty days I was substituting breakfast with a Visalus shake usually mixed with almond milk or orange juice.  I also went back to using a smaller plate which was a huge wake up call the last time I lost a lot of weight- who knew we didn’t actually need gobs and gobs of food?

As far as exercising goes I chose to mix things up a bit.  I started trying to follow the Brazil Butt Lift and P90x schedule but if I missed a day or two I felt I needed to start over.  I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda girl and prefer to do whatever I’m in the mood for.  Having danced for a large part of my life growing up I still have a burning passion for it.  I took a big leap and joined an adult jazz class at Centerstage Dance Academy  (if you’re a So You Think You Can Dance fan you may remember Ricky Jaime who was an instructor at Centerstage).  The Wednesday class had so much fun we added a Friday class so I knew I’d get in at least two dance workouts every week.  I also did Core Rhythms DVD’s, Billy Blanks, Wii Zumba, Wii Just Dance 1 and 2, belly dancing, Flirty Girl Fitness and Jillian Michels DVD’s.  I had so much fun mixing things up and seeing which workouts were more intense and which ones were more for warm ups or cool downs.  I also jogged on my rebounder, took walks and my favorite exercise- boogieing while cleaning!

Working out doesn’t have to be boring, in fact if it is you’ll most likely stop doing it.  Find what’s fun for you and what works for you and stick to it.  I don’t do well with treadmills, stair climbers or elliptical because I don’t push myself.  With DVD’s or Wii I make myself keep up with whatever is going on on the screen.  My friend Echo did squats while cleaning her baseboards and got a great rear workout!

Workouts are everywhere…you just have to find them!


The best ways to lose weight quick

I’m in the home stretch of a fitness challenge and during the first forty-five days I didn’t do much.  I have difficulty with long-term goals (often known as ‘procrastination’) so didn’t do a whole lot of exercise nor did I make many changes in my eating habits.   Erica, my challenger, has worked hard from the beginning and I’m very proud of her.  When I realized the challenge was halfway over I figured I’d better get on the ball or I’d lose the challenge!  I made a lot of changes fast.  I cut out soda, sugar cereals, whole milk, fast food (except for a few cheats) and processed foods.  I started selling Visalus (nutritional shakes used for weight loss and muscle gain) and replaced one to two meals a day with two scoops of the powder mixed with almond milk.  I also upped my water consumption and my fitness routines.  The weight started coming off really quick and within three weeks I’d lost eight inches!

Here are some other helpful tips to get the weight off quickly and safely:

Using a smaller plate or bowl during meals will help you cut down on the amount of food you consume.  This was one of the best things I learned in a weight loss contest I was in two years ago.  Upping your protein as well as fruits and veggies is important as well. Allow yourself little cheats.  A candy bar, slice of pizza, fast food or soda once in a while is ok.  But beware!  You’re now healthy body may reject your cheat and leave you feeling yucky and sluggish inside.  Cutting your calories will help you slim down quick but be sure not to cut them down too low.  According to Web MD

The truth is that cutting calories below 1,050 per day is counterproductive, because you need         strong muscles to be able to exercise effectively.

             “When you eat too few calories you lose fat but also precious muscle, which is the worst thing           you could do because it slows your metabolism and makes it more difficult to increase exercise intensity or duration,” says Dansinger.

You don’t need to workout six hours a day to slim down.  Committing to a 30 minute walk with or without weights 3-5 times a week can really help you get on your way.  Of course the more days you walk the quicker you’ll lose- increasing the weights, walking longer and/or upping it to a jog or run will help even more.  Because I’m in the home stretch I’m doing two to three workout sessions a day.  I’ve said this before- find something you love and own it.  I love dancing so most of my DVD’s are dance related plus I do Wii Zumba and attend dance classes twice a week.  Wake up and workout!  Exercising before breakfast is a great way to burn fat quick.  Be sure to add strength training to your new cardio shedule- or better yet, find a fitness program that combines both to cut down on your fitness time. If you can stand it, try interval training.  It’s awesome but hard!  Keep on it and you’ll do better each time.   I’m also loving JNL Fusion and P90x.  Write down what you eat, what exercises you do and find a fitness buddy.

(I have these and LOVE them!)

The easiest change to make doesn’t require letting go of your favorite foods or working out like Rocky.  Sleep.  Get more.  Sleeping at least eight hours a night can really benefit your weight loss (as long as you’re not eating in your sleep!).  If you can, take a 20 minute nap midway through the day as well.  It will really help revive your energy to get through any evening workouts or other evening activities you have.  Make sure you don’t go over 25 minutes though or you’ll be more tired than if you hadn’t taken the nap.

Raw Andrew sums all of this up best:

The secret to rapid and easy weight loss is that you have to change your lifestyle. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you want to shed weight permanently you have to live a healthier life. Change your eating habits and exercise more. Change your way of being and you will see results fast and effortlessly. I don’t say it’s extremely easy because I know it isn’t. But it’s worth the struggle. My life was forever changed and yours can be too. From the bottom of my heart I hope you will get a healthier lifestyle. Find the weight loss solution and workout routines that best fit you.

Also check out Dr. Flavorful’s diet and The Taster’s Choice for some great recipes and

Doctor Approved Crash Diets  Shedyourweight.com

One, two, back up a few…..oh my aching butt!!!!!


Hubby sings this song to me a lot and I always laugh.  It was pretty much my theme song back in the day because of my lovely “bubble butt.”  Tonight, it’s referring to a muscle pull in my ‘baby got back.’  Two days ago I reviewed the bellydancing DVD and yesterday I reviewed Jillian Michels 30 Day Shred DVD which put some strain on my ghetto booty.  I was okay doing Core Rhythms (the 50 minute one) and the 20 minute Wii Zumba today.  I was also okay through the lyrical part of my dance class but after practicing our chair routine my butt had had enough.  I’m okay but feeling a little sore below my right cheek.  It’s not bad enough that I won’t be able to get up tomorrow and get my freak on!

This eating healthy stuff isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  Giving up soda, whole milk, fast food, etc had pretty much been a piece of cake.  Yes, I’ll cheat every once in a while but that’s normal.  As my biggest supporter, Necessary Indulgences, says frequently, “Everything in moderation.”  I will live by that even after this contest is over just like I have for the last couple of years.  I’m so incredibly proud of myself for all the changes I’ve made so far and for all the ones I know I will continue to make.  I’m eating more protein and veggies and have cut waaaaaaay down on fast food and junk food.  When I see chips in the cabinet, I don’t even want them.  The same goes for the sweet stuff.  I wasn’t sure I could do this and am so grateful to my amazing circle of friends who have cheered me on knowing I could.  They were right!  I know I’ll have Ghetto Mac and Cheese again but I also know I won’t sit and eat the whole thing in one sitting.  I’ll still eat McDonald’s but not nearly as often as I used to.  I don’t even crave a Coke anymore!  My coffee drinking phase fortunately didn’t last long.  I don’t need it.  I’ll get my energy boost from healthy foods and from proper exercises.

So despite my aching butt right now, I’m in the game.  I’m on top of things.  I’m doing this.  I will never be over 125 pounds again (hopefully never above 120 but I have to be realistic).  Yes, I bitch about exercising and eating healthy at times but that’s what makes me a “real fit mom.”   My point with this blog has and always will be to show my readers my accomplishments and more importantly my struggles to become and stay fit and healthy.

I’m backing up a couple of days so my ending point ends on the same day as Erica’s.  It’s going to be tough as the end because I’ll be at Disney with my college little sister and my kids but I like I’ve said before, it’s a lifestyle change.  And I’m on it.

Day 46…….Just call me the Dancing Queen

This morning I started off with an exhilarating 45 minute step class taught by my friend Jaimi Hovan at the YMCA.  I haven’t taken a step class in…..ummmmm, I don’t know if I’ve ever taken a step class.  I used to have a video and have played the Step on Wii Fit Plus but that was nothing compared to Jaimi’s.  It was great!  I did way better than I thought I would only struggling with one section.  I was proud of myself for still being able to walk afterward, too.  Since my goal is three 30 minute cardio’s a day Jaimi encouraged me to do a lunch time workout, then dance class that night and I was covered for the day.


I sorted through my DVD’s then decided to try out my friend, Jeanette’s Wii Zumba.  Oh.  My.  God.  I’m very afraid to try anything other than the “easy” one since that one kicked my ass.  HOLY COW!  I had a fabulous time, too, and if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see I became an instant addict.

After Zumba I was texting Erica because I’d forgotten how we’d decided who the winner would be.  She reminded me that it was whoever met or surpassed their goal.  I did find the initial text conversation and will dig it out again later.  After she text that I sat there thinking….”I set a goal?”  Totally didn’t remember doing that.  Thank goodness for Real Fit Mom blog!  I flipped back through my posts until I found the first one for this challenge- 90 Day Challenge.  There it was in black and white (now blue, LOL) “My goal is to get back to 118 pounds which is where I was at the end of the contest.  I also want to tone up a lot to get as close to my JNL goal as I can (don’t laugh, we all need goals no matter how unreasonable they may be).”  WTH was I thinking????  Not to mention the fact that Slacker Fattie has been putting around for half this challenge!

So now Skinny Bitch is left with this huge goal on her shoulders- she’s supposed to lose 16 pounds AND look like this in 44 days.

What kind of drugs was I smoking???  Ummmm, yeah….totally starting to save my pennies for Erica’s day at the spa.

On a positive note here’s my recap for the day:

Cheerios for breakfast, apple and pb for lunch, meatloaf for dinner (leftover), 4 bottles of water, 45 minute step class, 20 minute Zumba and 45 minute dance class.  I kicked butt again today!  Just call me the Dancing Queen!

So grateful for my background in dance.