Exercise? Or sex?

If you had to pay for one which would you choose?

Apparently, my friends all seem to choose sex.  No, they don’t pay me for sex.

I’ve tried a number of ‘Home Parties’ over the last several years.  I did Princess House for a year and did okay except the majority of my money went to buying the products- all of which broke except for 3 ceramic pots and the casserole dish and mug that came with my kit.  Next I tried Mary Kay- I love make up and my favorite color is pink, yeah, I wanted the car.  I bought the kit.  That’s where that one ended.

Next I tried It Works body wraps which, after lots of research, I was sure was going to be the next big thing and make me tons of money.  The good news is they ARE the next big thing and making so many people rich that the wraps are on back order for a month….I somehow missed out.  I got a couple of friends to buy them but mostly I used the ones I bought (and honestly, really loved them).  I recently dropped that biz.

My nephew called me one day with this great new biz that was going to not only make us a ton of money but also help us lose weight.  SOLD!  I paid the $50 to be a distributor for Body by Vi, bought my first bag of shake mix for $50 and was hooked.  They are so yummy and I use them as a meal replacement for breakfast.  I tried for months to get my friends to join the craze and get fit with me.  Bonus, use the wraps to help suck off more fat!  Nothing happened.  I did finally sell two kits about 6 weeks ago and had a sudden interest for them but soon after it died.  My nephew, his girlfriend and my sister-in-law dropped it way before I did.  So much for that big money maker!

Back in March I went to a Pure Romance party and within five minutes I was texting Hubby to tell him to fork over the cash, I was signing up to be a consultant.  I became active and had 2 parties a month later.  That was three months ago.  I’ve made more money and had more fun with Pure Romance than any of the other “party plans” combined!  And the kicker?  90% of my parties have been hosted by a close friend with other close friends in attendance- many times it’s the same friends!    They won’t spend money on wraps or weight loss shakes but DAMN will they spend money on sex toys!  One even signed up as a consultant even though she has most of the catalog.  Another had a party last night and before I was even 10 minutes into my demo she was ready to buy the kit.  By the end of the party she already had someone to sign up under her!  That old adage that “sex sells” is right on the money.

I went into this business thinking it might work but probably wouldn’t.  I’m not the greatest sales person and often forget important things like entering the correct code for credit card authorizations, not doing my customer care cards or mentioning the BIG SALE I was currently running (I blame my ADD).  But my friends love me and are supportive.  Who knew capitalizing on your friend’s sex lives would be so successful!?

Interested in the big craze that’s got my friends busting out their credit cards?  You can visit my website at www.kathrynbarrett.pureromance.com and place an order, book a party or sign up to party with me!  If you want to book a party I’ll travel to pretty much anywhere in Florida and can do catalog or Skype parties as well.  My email is pureromancekathryn@gmail.com.  The best part of my job is making women happy…..oh yeah, and their husbands (you wouldn’t believe the number of thank you’s I get from the hubbys).

If you’d rather get fit I’m still a distributor for Body by Vi nutritious weight loss shakes which you can order here.  I only get credit if you order a kit which is actually a better deal than just buying a bag- you get flavor packets with the kit and save a couple bucks.

What does all this have to do with being fit?  Not much.  My point of this post is to show that you shouldn’t give up just because you get knocked down a few times.  I get frustrated with myself for not exercising but eventually I pick it back up again.  I get frustrated when parties cancel but then one will fall in my lap.   I still want to do Tough Mudder and with my party sales I’ll be able to pay the registration fee very soon!

If you’re having a rough time you can mope about it or you can pick yourself up and keep trying new things until you find that one thing that works for you.  It’s your life, your choice.


The crinkley wrinklies are back!

Oh the crinkley wrinklies- how I sorta kinda missed you.  You are both a blessing and a curse.

What are the crinkley wrinklies?  Take a balloon, blow it up really big and let the air out.

Then blow it up again really big and let the air out.

Then blow it up again really big and let the air out.

Then blow it up again really big and let the air out.

One last time, blow it up again really big then let the air out.

What do you see?  Crinkley wrinkleys!  These aren’t stretch marks from being pregnant five times, although I have plenty of those, too.  They are, well, a crinkle wrinkle thing on my belly that I’ve gotten each time I lose the twenty pounds I keep gaining back.  I’m trying a couple of things to see if I can get them to go away since Hubby’s not too keen on forking out money for a tummy tuck so hopefully they’ll work.

I’ve lost more inches but not telling how many yet.  I’m also seeing some great biceps forming but am still struggling with the triceps area.  I have fourteen more days till my thing-which-shall-not-be-named is over and  I think not stressing about it anymore has helped a lot.  If I miss a day working out I don’t beat myself up over it.  I’ve done a LOT since the halfway point and am extremely proud of myself.  I no longer have cravings for sweets, junk food or fast food.  I’m not having any withdrawls from quitting soda and am glad my coffee fling was so short lived.  I’m finding energy from the foods I eat instead of the nasty caffeine I’ve been addicted to off and on since I was a kid. My Body By Vi shakes are working better than I thought they would even though I’ve only tried a couple of different recipes so far (click here if you want to join the Body By Vi challenge!)

Lifestyle changes are going great and here to stay!  Now to battle the evil crinkley wrinklies.