WARNING! Before bikini pictures!

I figured I should give you a fair warning just in case you didn’t want to see the pictures. I don’t want to be responsible for burning catastrophic images into your retina.

I know the pictures aren’t that bad and there are thousands of women that would love to look like me. But I don’t want to look like me, at least not this me.

Do I look good for having four kids?   Yes I do.  Should I be grateful for the way I look?  Yes I should.  But am I happy?  NO.  And we all deserve to be happy which is why I started Real Fit Mom- to get fit and hopefully stay there this time.

I chose a realistic goal for me and my body type– 115 pounds.  This is VERY IMPORTANT when deciding you want to be fit and healthy. According to Health Status my ideal weight for my height is 130 pounds which is where I’m at now. The recommended weight range is 116-145 pounds. I’ve been at both sides of the spectrum and feel much better at 116.    This is a realistic expectation for my size and frame.  Talk to your doctor, find what is a healthy goal for you and you body type.  Then begin looking into what you need to do to reach that goal.  Onto the pictures…

Ok, this should push the pictures far enough down the page so you’re not hit with them as soon as you have gotten passed the “Should I or Shouldn’t I?” debate.  I’m not sure if there is a difference between then and now but I’ll wait a little while to see.  You may need some recovery time after these.  😉

I decided to leave the Outback bag in the background because take out food is what got me this way.  When I cook I don’t eat as much because, well, I’m not that great of a chef.  However, thanks to Necessary Indulgences I’m learning.


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