Prom season is coming, are you ready? is amazing!  They have styles and fashions to make every teenage girl’s prom a  night to remember.  Girls can choose from long, elegant dresses to short, fun dresses and everything in between.  They’ve been selling prom dresses and formal gowns for over 25 years from America’s top designers.  All dresses are hand made and hand beaded.  Because they only offer their dresses online they come straight from the manufacturer cutting down on their overhead and sending the savings on to you.

Each month they give away a gorgeous dress from their collection.  Take a peek at this month’s Valentine’s Day dress:

Click here for your chance to win! also offers advice to girls and recommends visiting a local store to try on the styles you fall in love with online.  They offer a list of questions to go over with yourself before choosing-

You really need to determine:

  • Do you want a short or long prom dress
  • Do you want to go with straps or select a strapless prom dress
  • What general style appeals to you – a-line, pattern, ball gown etc.
  • What color are you looking for

Go to their website and browse through their broad range of styles from flamboyant

to sexy

to fun

and flirty

The fun part is scrolling through all the fabulous choices they have…the hard part is choosing which one!  My 18 year old daughter is currently searching for the right prom dress and is having such a difficult time narrowing her choices down. is making it a little easier by offering so many dresses right at her fingertips.


The best ways to lose weight quick

I’m in the home stretch of a fitness challenge and during the first forty-five days I didn’t do much.  I have difficulty with long-term goals (often known as ‘procrastination’) so didn’t do a whole lot of exercise nor did I make many changes in my eating habits.   Erica, my challenger, has worked hard from the beginning and I’m very proud of her.  When I realized the challenge was halfway over I figured I’d better get on the ball or I’d lose the challenge!  I made a lot of changes fast.  I cut out soda, sugar cereals, whole milk, fast food (except for a few cheats) and processed foods.  I started selling Visalus (nutritional shakes used for weight loss and muscle gain) and replaced one to two meals a day with two scoops of the powder mixed with almond milk.  I also upped my water consumption and my fitness routines.  The weight started coming off really quick and within three weeks I’d lost eight inches!

Here are some other helpful tips to get the weight off quickly and safely:

Using a smaller plate or bowl during meals will help you cut down on the amount of food you consume.  This was one of the best things I learned in a weight loss contest I was in two years ago.  Upping your protein as well as fruits and veggies is important as well. Allow yourself little cheats.  A candy bar, slice of pizza, fast food or soda once in a while is ok.  But beware!  You’re now healthy body may reject your cheat and leave you feeling yucky and sluggish inside.  Cutting your calories will help you slim down quick but be sure not to cut them down too low.  According to Web MD

The truth is that cutting calories below 1,050 per day is counterproductive, because you need         strong muscles to be able to exercise effectively.

             “When you eat too few calories you lose fat but also precious muscle, which is the worst thing           you could do because it slows your metabolism and makes it more difficult to increase exercise intensity or duration,” says Dansinger.

You don’t need to workout six hours a day to slim down.  Committing to a 30 minute walk with or without weights 3-5 times a week can really help you get on your way.  Of course the more days you walk the quicker you’ll lose- increasing the weights, walking longer and/or upping it to a jog or run will help even more.  Because I’m in the home stretch I’m doing two to three workout sessions a day.  I’ve said this before- find something you love and own it.  I love dancing so most of my DVD’s are dance related plus I do Wii Zumba and attend dance classes twice a week.  Wake up and workout!  Exercising before breakfast is a great way to burn fat quick.  Be sure to add strength training to your new cardio shedule- or better yet, find a fitness program that combines both to cut down on your fitness time. If you can stand it, try interval training.  It’s awesome but hard!  Keep on it and you’ll do better each time.   I’m also loving JNL Fusion and P90x.  Write down what you eat, what exercises you do and find a fitness buddy.

(I have these and LOVE them!)

The easiest change to make doesn’t require letting go of your favorite foods or working out like Rocky.  Sleep.  Get more.  Sleeping at least eight hours a night can really benefit your weight loss (as long as you’re not eating in your sleep!).  If you can, take a 20 minute nap midway through the day as well.  It will really help revive your energy to get through any evening workouts or other evening activities you have.  Make sure you don’t go over 25 minutes though or you’ll be more tired than if you hadn’t taken the nap.

Raw Andrew sums all of this up best:

The secret to rapid and easy weight loss is that you have to change your lifestyle. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you want to shed weight permanently you have to live a healthier life. Change your eating habits and exercise more. Change your way of being and you will see results fast and effortlessly. I don’t say it’s extremely easy because I know it isn’t. But it’s worth the struggle. My life was forever changed and yours can be too. From the bottom of my heart I hope you will get a healthier lifestyle. Find the weight loss solution and workout routines that best fit you.

Also check out Dr. Flavorful’s diet and The Taster’s Choice for some great recipes and

Doctor Approved Crash Diets

100th POST!!!! Day 45 1/2 way there!

I think it’s fitting that my 100th WordPress post is on Day 45 which marks the halfway point of the fitness challenge I’m in with my friend Erica.  She’s been doing great!  Me, on the other hand have not.  But I’m cookin’ now.

I was very proud of myself for getting in four workouts yesterday.  I felt great at the end of the day and was proud of my eating as well….ok, except for the chips.  I wasn’t as tired as I thought I’d be and got a good nights sleep.  I woke up this morning ready to hit the DVD’s and youtube videos again, until I moved.  I knew I’d feel all those workout when today and I was right!  I need to keep this sort of schedule up for the last 45 days.

I gave Hubby a lecture last night and told him no more pizza, no more fast food, no more late night snacking, no more cocktails during the week and none on the weekend unless I’ve worked out at least once a day during the week.  I’ve started saving my pennies to pay for Erica to enjoy her spa day because I know me.  I’ll slip, I always do.  Had I pushed a little more in the very first fitness contest I entered I would have won the trip to New York.  But I slacked off- damn Slacker Fattie!  I know I should be positive and say that Skinny Bitch will prevail but I’m being realistic because I know me.

If I lose this one I’ll keep on truckin’!  I refuse to ever weigh more than 140 lbs and will continue to fight for under 130 lbs.  My goal is 115 lbs.  I’ve been there before I can get there again, it just may be on my own time.

With this being my 100th post it’s probably time to take a look back and see how my journey has gone so far (feel free to click a month and scroll through all posts):


Feeling good!  This appears to be my first Real Fit Mom post.  Kinda sad this is what I was doing on Valentine’s Day.

April (not sure where March went)

Running  Ok, apparently I was still trying to figure this WordPress thing out.


Hello!  Ahhh, this is my “first” Real Fit Mom post.  Finally got the hang of things.  There’s a few good posts in May including my Before Bikini pics (still need after pics), my world famous Sexy Smoothie (a girl can dream).


P90x/Brazil Butt Lift Challenge The first of many of my “charts.”  Challenge and Motivation  Wow, yeah, so those pics look familiar…that’s sad.  Haha, me a fitness model…funny This Week I’m Pretending to be a Fitness Model.


ADD- Ditzy or Debilitating  This wasn’t a fun post but very true.  The ever irritating Hip Injury.

August only had a post about Adderall.  Ahh, September had a few good posts including the introduction of Slacker Fattie and Skinny Bitch (still trying to find someone to make them come to life).  October was full of more weird things, complaining and yet another contest that I failed miserable at.

I was a mess in November.


Kind of a crappy month with my family under quarentine, my ass crack getting rammed by the bath tub, but at least it started off well with a boost of Holy Motivation (still excited JNL is following me).

January had three posts.  If you like pork chops and weight loss parties travel over there.  February also had three posts.  One I’m sure is a disappointment to those who Google “naked fit moms”- Stand Sideways in the Mirror Naked.  I’d been blogging for one year on WordPress and was still where I am today…this is the “real” part of Real Fit Mom.  🙂

March was a great month!  You’ll have to go see for yourself.  There are too many to point out.  Yay me!

I’ll finish this in another post tomorrow.  I’ve shared several for you to visit today.  It’s 11:00 PM and I’m bummed that I didn’t get in another workout other than Abs Rapido (14 minutes) and Core Rhythms Full Workout (50 minutes) but that’s the life of this Super Mom!

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Porkchops





This has become a favorite meal in our big household.  It’s inexpensive, quick and easy which makes it even better!

Prepare your favorite stuffing, slice open thick pork chops and season with Season All.  I very happily used my new steak knives…then had to take a five minute break while Hubby cleaned and patched up my finger.  Without using my middle finger, which was kind of difficult, I finished slicing the pork open and added the stuffing.

I wrapped two slices of bacon around each stuffed pork chop, seasoned the outside with Season All, salt and pepper.

I covered them with aluminum foil then baked them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  I served them with steamed cheesy pasta with broccoli and had a very happy family!  You can also wrap them individually and put them on the grill.


Divide and Conquer- Yup, mom has ADD

I had a revelation Friday while driving home from a playdate.  I’m tired of my house being a wreck and I hate having ADD.  I decided to go home and start conquering the mess.  But……I had to be at my son’s school for the walk-a thon, then had to drop something off at my oldest kid’s school which turned into me meeting with the assistant principal because she got her phone taken away AGAIN, and while I was on my way TO her school the middle schooler texted me that she didn’t feel good so I had to go pick her up as well.  By the time I was finally on my way home I had a car full of kids and was exhausted.

I warned them all it was spaghetti night and I set off to tackle the kitchen.  Then the dining room while getting laundry done.  Saturday I had to go back over kitchen (several times), did the little kid’s room and started on the playroom.  This morning I had to go back over the kitchen again, change my son’s sheets because he still wets the bed then vacuum because he spilled his cheese puffs, collect his and my youngest’s cups, load them in the dishwasher, fill the washing machine (again) then steam clean the little kid’s carpet from where they’ve spilled drinks and go back to the dining room to pick up the 2 buckets of Tinkerbell stuff the youngest one dumped out again after I’d just picked them up last night.

After 2 hours I realized that in order to keep a house clean for a family of 6 people, 3 cats, 2 dogs and 1 hamster I would have to constantly be going and never sit down, eat or sleep.  The kitchen is like a rotating whatever- people are in and out 24 hours leaving a mess.  I emptied the dishwasher then put a sticky on the front that says, “Dirty. Put your own stuff in!!!”  Not holding my breath but we’ll see.

I’m going to have to put my foot down about the girls doing their own laundry.  I have a huge pile of ironing which I never do so they can never find their clothes.  If they want it ironed they’ll have to learn just like I did, otherwise they can wear wrinkled clothes.  The little kids are going to start having their toys taken away if they don’t pick them up- they flat out REFUSE and no amount of yelling, screaming, pleading, bribing, asking nicely etc works.

I chose to keep one of the cats (mommy had 6- my cat lover and DH wanted to keep them all!) but since cat lover wanted the mommy they are supposed to be her responsibility.  I keep telling her they’re going outside but she’s learned it’s an empty threat (bad me!).  So along with everything else I get to clean the litter box and their bathroom.  One dog is mine and I don’t mind cleaning up after him.  Hubby works hard so I don’t mind cleaning up after him since I get to stay home.  I’ve been doing research on Adult ADD the past couple days to search for hints and tips for organization and time management.  Since the older kids have come to take advantage of my ADD at times and don’t understand it they now get to do both do a report on it.  Maybe they’ll come to appreciate how difficult things are for me and stop treating me like I’m ditzy…….maybe.

Whew!  Now that I’ve vented I’m going back to the playroom which is pretty much hopeless but I’ll give it a shot anyway.  Oh….did you see any mention of exercising in there?  No?  My next step is to try to cram it in there somewhere.  Wish me luck!