I always seem to do beginning measurements but never ending ones- except once.  So here I am again dragging out my measuring tape and recorded my starting point. 

This is big for me but I have a small frame so please keep that in mind as you sneer at your computer screen- or relish in the thought that you’re smaller than me, to which I would sneer at you, haha.  I know some will read this and be ticked that this is where I’m starting but one of the most important things to remember is that everyone is built differently (more on that later).  So here we go!

Right arm- 12.5 in
Left arm- 12 in
Chest- 38 in
Waist- 36.5 in
Hips- 39.5 in
Right thigh- 22 in
Left thigh- 22 in

I plan on Tweeting my Wii Fit Plus stats again daily and will post a weekly picture when I record my measurements.  Eventually I’ll figure out how to send Tweet Pics to my phone…..maybe.


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