I lost 15 inches in 3 months!!! Slacker Fattie, be gone!!

Well, actually it was more like forty-five days since I didn’t do a whole lot the first forty-five.  I recently came to the end of a fitness challenge with a friend and was dumbfounded, shocked, flabbergasted, bewildered, surprised, amazed, overwhelmed and downright blown away when I did my final measurements last night.

I made myself stop measuring about six weeks ago because I was getting flustered and irritated.  I couldn’t weigh myself since I tossed my scale in the garbage a year ago and avoid the scale at Publix at all costs except to do my initial weigh in and the ending weigh in (why is it there’s no one near the scale when the kids are on it but the second I get on suddenly there’s a swarm of people nonchalantly trying to see how much I weigh??).  So needless to say, my results made me very happy and proud.  Skinny Bitch is here to stay!

So, how did I do it?  I gradually cut out the unhealthy foods I’ve grown up on.  This included fast food, whole milk, soda, processed foods, Kool-Aid, chips, any type of candy and eventually pizza (that was the hardest to let go).  By the end I no longer craved any of these foods or drinks- even eating my beloved pizza made me feel crummy inside (and I was NOT happy).  I’m eating more lean proteins, drinking mostly water (occasionally I’d allow juice or soda), more fruits and veggies and in the last thirty days I was substituting breakfast with a Visalus shake usually mixed with almond milk or orange juice.  I also went back to using a smaller plate which was a huge wake up call the last time I lost a lot of weight- who knew we didn’t actually need gobs and gobs of food?

As far as exercising goes I chose to mix things up a bit.  I started trying to follow the Brazil Butt Lift and P90x schedule but if I missed a day or two I felt I needed to start over.  I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda girl and prefer to do whatever I’m in the mood for.  Having danced for a large part of my life growing up I still have a burning passion for it.  I took a big leap and joined an adult jazz class at Centerstage Dance Academy  (if you’re a So You Think You Can Dance fan you may remember Ricky Jaime who was an instructor at Centerstage).  The Wednesday class had so much fun we added a Friday class so I knew I’d get in at least two dance workouts every week.  I also did Core Rhythms DVD’s, Billy Blanks, Wii Zumba, Wii Just Dance 1 and 2, belly dancing, Flirty Girl Fitness and Jillian Michels DVD’s.  I had so much fun mixing things up and seeing which workouts were more intense and which ones were more for warm ups or cool downs.  I also jogged on my rebounder, took walks and my favorite exercise- boogieing while cleaning!

Working out doesn’t have to be boring, in fact if it is you’ll most likely stop doing it.  Find what’s fun for you and what works for you and stick to it.  I don’t do well with treadmills, stair climbers or elliptical because I don’t push myself.  With DVD’s or Wii I make myself keep up with whatever is going on on the screen.  My friend Echo did squats while cleaning her baseboards and got a great rear workout!

Workouts are everywhere…you just have to find them!


4 thoughts on “I lost 15 inches in 3 months!!! Slacker Fattie, be gone!!

  1. Great job! I’m right with you on the p90x. I miss a day and feel like I have to start over. Then I say “Well, next Monday I’ll start again.” This has seriously been going on for months. Now, I have the flu and it’s on pause again. I did half of Core Synergistics yesterday and had to stop after banana rolls because I felt so blahh. That was the first time I didn’t make it through core though. Today I didn’t even attempt Cardio, instead I skipped class and took advantage of my son being at daycare and napped my flu (and the afternoon) away. Feeling a little better we went on a 45 minute walk, which I’ll take since I feel so achy. Instead of waiting until Monday to restart my p90x and using Thanksgiving as an excuse not to workout, I will attempt to workout tomorrow, pending on how the little one and I feel! We will at least go for a walk.

    Here’s to tomorrow.

    – Regina

    • I learned recently to workout through illnesses if you can. Just do whatever you can no matter how small. Going on a walk is an excellent exercise! And of course rest is incredibly important. When you’re feeling better just pick up where you left off. I’m raising a glass with you- Here’s to tomorrow!!

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