Day 53……compliment- “big boobs, flat stomach”… really BIG news!!

My two favorite compliments yesterday were “Wow, you do look fit for a mom of 4” which I received from a new follower on my Twitter after she saw my picture and “You’re boobs look huge and your stomach looks flat” from a mom at dance.  All this work is finally paying off!  I might just have a chance at this fitness challenge after all.

Today started out better- no Frosted Flakes for breakfast!  I’m taking Necessary Indulgences and Orlando’s advice and sticking with protein only for the next few days.  Breakfast was two pieces of Boar’s Head deli ham rolled up and a bottle of water.  That’s what I had for lunch too and I did not share with my cats even though they tried to steal some.

I DO NOT recommend you eating this little!  This is extreme because I’m in a crunch time plus I’m tired of eating when I’m not hungry. 

I’m very proud of myself for dragging P90x back out and starting the schedule.  We’ll see how it goes because you all know how bad I am at the whole schedule thing.  I did chest and back, pushed myself hard and wrote down my numbers so I can compare it to the next time I do it.  I thought my arms were going to fall off so I laid down while Hubby played Black Ops and took a cat nap.  I think my body is heavily adjusting to this eating healthy thing.  I have absolutely NO energy at all since I really buckled down and got the junk out of my diet.  I’m sticking with it though and will probably feel better in a few days.  Before walking to pick up the kids I grabbed a handful of almonds and a banana (so much for the only protein thing) but those did nothing for my lack of energy.  It’s really hard to get up and do cardio when all you want to do is sleep but I’m pushing through it!  I know this is what Erica went through when she started the South Beach diet…..53 days ago.

I managed to get through another 20 minute Wii Zumba then my Wednesday adult jazz class.  I snuck another cookie today along with a piece of popcorn shrimp for the kids….oh, and one bite of Eggplant Parmesan. BUT!….I have HUGE NEWS!!!!!!!

Drumroll please!!!!!……………………………………………

In the last three weeks,

with all my hard work,





This will be me soon!  Skinny Bitch will prevail!!!!!

Weight loss answers


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