A moment of silence for the lost workout boobs

Most women love their boobs.  They are proud of their assets.  Yet, when we start losing weight and working out hard, it’s not our fat thighs or jiggly arms that disappear faster than a dozen donuts at a cop convention.  It’s our beloved boobs.

Yes, some women are happy to rid themselves of their triple F’s but those who are smaller chested want to hang onto that one little area of fat.  So, here’s to all of those who are struggling to rid their arms, bellies and thighs of extra fat…..but their boobs were the first to go….





Last Food and Testament

Some have you have been with me for a while. A couple of you have been with me from the beginning when I was RMS Snowdrop. Many of you are new.

Six years ago, when my 5th baby was two months old, a friend took a picture of Hubby and me. She gave it to me for Christmas in a frame. I was shocked at what I looked like. Yes, I’d just had a baby- my 2nd after hitting 30. But I didn’t look that heavy after any of my others. In fact, when I got pregnant with my 2nd son, I looked hot! I’d been going to the gym 4-5 days a week.

I tried here and there to exercise but didn’t put much effort into it. Three years later I started entering fitness challenges. Tomorrow, I’m starting another one with the moms on the website I co-founded. We’ve done a few and each time we get to the end, they demand another one. We always start off with a great list of challengers, but by the end we’ve lost most of them and the ones that are left have slacked off. Some have lost several inches and pounds (yay!) and some (like me) gained. (Boooo)

Crunch gym opens near my home tomorrow. I signed up last week and am ready to get up and get in gear. I know, I know, I know. You’ve heard it before. “This time I’m gonna do it!” “No quitting this time!” “I got this!” This time I’m taking things one day at a time. No promises.

This weekend I ate it up! Hubby and I spent a phenomenal weekend together shopping, eating at Red Robin (yummm)- twice- I made lasagna- twice, ate chocolate cake, a cheesesteak at the Tampa Bay Storm game (and a pretzel) and had some of my 32 oz Screwdrivers.

Tomorrow starts a new day. Tonight I ate my last lasagna. Chomped down my last garlic bread. Savored my last piece of chocolate cake and am drinking my last 32 oz Screwdriver….with a bag of Chex Mix.

Tomorrow, we begin a new journey. What makes this different than the last umpteen times? Nothing. I still might fail. But my 20th wedding anniversary is in 4 weeks (thank you, thank you). My 40th birthday is 5 weeks after that. I don’t have a lot of time. I’ve never met any of my other fitness goals and I may not meet this one. But I’m never going to give up trying. I didn’t finish Brazil Butt Lift or P90x. Who cares? It’s in the past. Tonight I’m focusing on the future. I’m envisioning my goal of hanging out at South Beach. Also, I’m envisioning fitting into the jeans I couldn’t get on today. That was a BIG wake up call!

I’m scared of getting on that scale tomorrow. I’m scared to see my measurements. Mostly, I’m scared of the road to destruction I’ve been on. I have to stop the unhealthy eating and sitting around on my fat ass before Slacker Fattie eats Fit Bitch once and for all. I’m stopping my bad behaviors before they consume my life and I wind up not knowing who that person is looking at me in the mirror.

I will try my absolute best…..starting tomorrow. 😉