21 Day Challenge Days 2 and 3 #21daycc #totalfit


This was the challenge for yesterday that I missed.  I was aiming for 75 and did 80.  I didn’t read the picture enough to see that I had other options, I simply read the beginner and stopped.  I know I could have done a lot more than 80.  Since my stregth is still really week and my neck isn’t 100% healed I did them against my dining room table.  I’m hoping by the end of the challenge I’ll be able to do a real push up!


This was the workout for today.  It was a lot rougher than just 75 push ups!!  Again I had to do some moderations but I completed one full set.  Since I also did the Day 2 Bikini Body Mommy workout I didn’t try to do another set.  I don’t want to kill myself in the first week!!

I’m really proud of myself so far.  I know it’s only been 3 days but I’m following two challenges and eating right.  One day at a time!


21 Day Challenge

That’s right!  I’m doing TWO challenges!  This one my friend Jaimi tagged me in with some other friends on Facebook.  Since I’m extremely determined to finally get fit I joined this one right away.  Just like the Bikini Body Mommy challenge I didn’t realize this one was also in real time so I’m double excited!!  Here’s the website where you can sign up for the challenge.  Like the Bikini Body Mommy if you’re behind just start at Day 1.  For the Facebookers here’s the Mr. Shut Up And Train page.

I did the fit test today and probably didn’t do so hot but I have to remember that I’m coming off a four month long rest and neck injury.  I also have some accountability partners for this one so hopefully we’ll all complete it.  It’s only 21 days so I’m thinking YES!

Here are my fit test results for the 21 Day Challenge (don’t laugh too hard)-

Mile walked in 15 minutes (I said don’t laugh!)

Crawl down push-ups- 12

Burpees- 11

Single leg toe touches- 34 (I had to do this one twice because my 7 year old made me lose count while she was watching my timer)

Hand over head squats- 24

Tricep dip (legs outstretched)- 12

I’m hoping I know that the next time I do this test the results
are much better!  Slacker Fattie better watch out.  Fit Bitch is ROARING to get out!

Here are the rules for this challenge: