Holy motivation!

Sunday evening I was telling Hubby that I wanted to be able to advertise my blog which is next to impossible when I can’t tell my friends (he’s a very private person).  He pointed out that I never exercise so it was pretty much a moot point.  Then he said if I looked like Jennifer Nicole Lee (JNL) I could advertise all I wanted.

Of course I pointed out that I will probably never look like her and he admitted that was a bit of an extreme example.  There is a HUGE point to this, I promise.

I bought a kettlebell recently but hadn’t used it yet.  I figured I’d hit up youtube in the morning to see if JNL had any videos using one.  I had no luck so I decided to hop onto Twitter from my laptop which I hadn’t done in a few weeks.  As usual I got excited when I saw I had new followers!  I was up to a whopping forty-five so  I clicked to see who they were.  I looked at one.  Then looked again.  And again.  Then I checked to make sure I was looking at who was following me.  Then I took a picture and sent it to Necessary Indulgences to make sure I wasn’t having an ADD moment.

She confirmed that yes, I was seeing things correctly.

Then the OMG OMG OMG hit along with screaming via texting, although Kristi could probably hear me screaming across the state.  Jennifer Nicole Lee was following ME!  Ok, she follows 6,000 other people but one of them is lil ole me!  Me who slacks on exercising, blogging and Tweeting!  EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

After I shared my fabulous news with my BFF’s, Hubby, everyone on my Facebook and my trainer Douglas, I decided this was it.  This was this big motivation I needed.  I will most likely never look as amazing as JNL but I will be fit and sexy and happy.

Stay tuned to see what I did next……………

UDATE- 12/31/10  Just realized I never let you know what I did next!  I did three cardio workouts that day, two the next, and one each day after until I fell (that post coming soon).  Time to get back to it!


3 thoughts on “Holy motivation!

  1. Glad that you found yourself a little surprise motivation! Sometimes it comes along when you least expect it. December is a bit of a busy time and if you find time to exercise, tweet and blog then well done! Some bloggers take a break, but I think I will continue posting and commenting while still spending hugs and good times with my kids! Good luck to you with all your own committments and goals.
    Thanks also for commenting on my freshly pressed post!
    I appreciated it!

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