Last year I started a blog to track my journey after entering two weight loss contests. I came in third place for the first contest and won the second.  Three months later I gained back the twenty-four pounds I worked so hard to lose.

So here I am again with a new blog and the same goal – to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle minus the motivation of a trip to New York or a make-over and shopping spree (still haven’t been to NYC).

What you’ll see here is the real me. My ups, my downs, tips that work, tips that don’t, what I eat, what I regret eating, the exercises I do, before pictures, during pictures and hopefully after pictures that will also be my Maintain Pictures.

As an added bonus you’ll also learn about Adult ADD I struggle daily to embrace as a wife, busy mom of four, and Discussion Leader for a website.

So here we go again but with a different outlook. This time I’m trying to focus more on making lifestyle changes instead of just focusing on getting thinner.

Let’s go!


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