New year, new challenge, new me

Wow. 2009. That’s when I joined my first weight loss challenge. I lost 20 pounds, came in third place for the first challenge and first for another. Since then I’ve tried running or participating in several challenges and haven’t done well- mostly because I didn’t finish.

But 2015 is a new year. I’m very thankfully putting 2014 behind me and have already made several changes. I’ve cut out many of my favorites like soda, pizza, fast food, sugary cereal, whole milk, chips and queso. I’ve reduced my nightly 32 Oz cocktails to one (if that) on the weekend. Honesty,  I’d be okay with not having one at all until I’m finished with my current challenge.

I started a Fit and Sexy by Spring fitness challenge on Tampa Bay Mom’s Group which started the day Bikini Body Mommy 3.0 began. I’m drinking kale smoothies, fixing myself healthier dinner foods while my family still eats pasts, pizza and chicken parm. I’m addicted to roasted brussel sprouts and am learning to food prep.

I don’t think I made this many changes for my first challenge, although I made a LOT- most of which were very unwillingly. I’m happily making better decisions. I’m doing this for me and to help out other moms. I’m also participating in a Biggest Loser Challenge with a sizeable money pot. I’m ready. I’m determined. I want to do this.

Sorry to Slacker Fattie. You have already been reduced by ten pounds since the beginning of November. You will continue to be reduced slowly but surely. Fit Bitch will conquer you. Once you’re gone, you’re gone.





Sexy Smoothie

My very yummy, hopefully healthy smoothie.   I’ve recently been introduced to Almond Milk which turns out is actually really good.  This is coming from someone who swore on her life she’d never give up whole milk.

Today I was feeling productive and made several at once.  The Sexy Smoothie starts with Almond Milk which I put in my Bullet glass.  It’s followed by Publix brand fat free strawberry (or strawberry banana) yogurt.  Last I add in protein powder- the jury is still out on which protein powder I like best so stay tuned on that*.  If I have fresh fruit I add in a little of that, too.

I screw on the blender bottom, pop it onto the Bullet, twist and a minute later I have a yummy, belly filling smoothie!  I have one for breakfast in the morning pretty much every day and sometimes as a snack later in the day.  Paired with healthy foods the rest of the day and two or more high impact workouts and I’m on my way to getting fit!

If I could just stick to this for more than one day.

*I’ve been very happy with Designer Whey protein powder for a year now.