Final Results

Gosh, I don’t even know what to say which is huge for me. I just did my measurements and am absolutely shocked. I did all of them three times and even got my 17 year old to help the last time. Then I made her take a few pictures so I knew it was for real.


That’s an inch and a half off of each arm. But here is the one that shocked me the most (I’m still just, wow)…

20111121-234754.jpg (Sorry it’s so big, I did this from my phone)

Ummmmm, sheesh!!! Yeah, my sexy mountain top used to be a whopping 37 inches and is now just 31.5. That’s a loss of 5.5 inches in just 90 days. I didn’t even do that in six months two years ago.

Here’s my total results:


I’ll post my pictures tomorrow, hopefully.  My camera died so I had a friend take them and she needs to email them to me.  I’m still dumbfounded at my results.  I’m glad I stopped measuring a while ago, it made doing the final results even more surprising!!

**Next morning- I’m still shocked!  I over passed my goal of losing 12 inches by losing 15!!!!  I fell short of my weight goal by only three pounds but as I said after my brain fart of setting a weight goal, I didn’t expect to even lose that much since I was also doing strength training with cardio and muscle weighs more than fat (dur dur dur).  I’m beyond pleased at my results over the last ninety days and am proud of how hard I worked (well at least the last forty-five days).  

I’m also incredibly proud of all that Erica has accomplished as well.  She made it through the P90x program and is close to finishing the Insanity program as well.  Neither of those are easy to do and not everyone can start much less complete them!  I know that she will continue with the lifestyle changes she has made in her eating as well as keeping exercise as part of her weekly routine since she’s done such an amazing job with sticking with them the last few months.  Woot!  Woot!


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