The tub strikes again


On Friday December 10th Hubby got home from a week long hunting trip (don’t worry PETA people, he didn’t kill anything).  We had a nice night planned after the kids went to bed.  I got in the tub around 11, dove into a Harlequin Romance novel, sipped on my cocktail, and chatted with Hubby about his trip.

About an hour later he went to talk to our 17 year old daughter and I finally dragged myself away from my book.  I pulled the plug up, stood up, grabbed my towel, dried off a bit, carefully placed one foot on the tile step and then the other.  I stepped onto the tile floor and before I knew it was on my side with an excruciating pain coming from my tailbone.  The crying and screaming began.

Not my tub but shows the same type tile corner

Hubby came running yelling “What happened?”  When he saw me on the ground he yelled, “Oh my God!  Are you okay?”  I hurt so bad all I could do was cry.  He asked where it hurt and I pointed to my tailbone.  He carefully rolled me over to look and told me there was a small cut but I wasn’t bleeding- my tailbone hit directly on the corner of the step.  Our daughter came in to let the dogs out- Max, a 130 lb German Rottweiler, was at my feet and Yoda, a 10 lb long-haired Dachshund, was at my head.  Hubby gave me  the choice of going to the ER by ambulance or car.  I vehemently nixed the ambulance idea.

Hubby helped me up, dried me off and carefully slipped jogging pants and a t-shirt on me.  Once we arrived at the desolate hospital he ran in then back out followed by two burly men and a wheelchair.  I was still screaming in pain as they wheeled me in and asked me all the necessary questions and finally took me to a bed.  A nurse came in to give me a morphine shot- something I’d never had before.  Even during the x-rays I cried stopping only when I had to hold my breath.

From the time Hubby found me till the morphine was flowing through my system, I apologized over and over for ruining our evening.  Each time I apologized my patient and worried husband gently assured me it was okay.  It didn’t take long to receive the ‘good’ news that nothing was broken but I did have a severely bruised tailbone.  The pain finally eased and we were sent home with painkillers and directions to stay in bed for at least three days.  This turned into a week, laid up, not being able to do anything but make short trips to the bathroom.  The day after I fell I realized I’d also hit my forehead on the cabinet.  It wasn’t hard enough to create a bump but it was sore to the touch making me realize again how lucky I was the fall wasn’t worse than it was.

The next week was full of taking baby steps to do more and more.  My family, especially Hubby, were absolutely amazing and incredibly helpful.  The pain I suffered that first night was the worst pain I’ve ever felt, yes, even worse than childbirth (all of which I used some sort of pain relief).  I am grateful I wasn’t hurt worse and will hopefully make a full recovery.  I am also blessed to have such a caring and loving family.

On a side note, there is now a non-slip mat on the step and a bath mat on the floor.  Two injuries from one bathtub is more than enough.  I now have to make up my Christmas present to Hubby- to be fit by December 25th- which will now be a Valentine’s Day present. 🙂


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