Stand sideways in the mirror naked

I did that unintentionally this morning.  I went to turn and walk out of the bathroom but caught a glimpse of myself from the side.  Then I made the mistake of looking on purpose.  And I couldn’t stop looking.  Ack!  Have I really gained that much weight?

Apparently I have.  Why Hubby still thinks I’m attractive I don’t know.  I wish he didn’t then maybe I’d be more motivated to do something about my weight gain.  I guess I need to get up every morning and take a good look- let that image burn into my brain so when I sit on my Slacker Fattie ass all day eating, I’ll be more inclined to get up and do something.

I want to eat better and exercise but- ok no more buts.  Somehow I will figure this out.  I did it two years ago and I can do it again.  I need to stop talking/blogging about it and just do it.  Wanna help?  Or better yet, join me?


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