Real Fit Family Quarentine

From 12/31/10  Got stuck in draft limbo

Just when I thought I was going to start easing back into exercising after my tailbone injury, the family got hit by a nasty stomach bug- and I blame my friend Sue, lol.

Every Friday my mommy group meets at our local mall for a play group.  I canceled it because it was on Christmas Eve but Sue sent me a text asking me to go because she always has to work.  I felt bad so I went.  That’s the only place we went.  The day after Christmas my 4 year old woke me up because her bed was yucky- lovely.

I got her cleaned up and she felt fine so off we went to my parents house.  The next day my 6 year old started vomiting.  Shortly after I got a call from my 13 year old’s friend saying she was sick- I had just dropped them off at the movies (before my son got sick).  I called my 17 year old to tell her to come and she was furious to learn she was being quarantined and couldn’t see her boyfriend the next day (they’d been apart for two weeks).

Later that evening it was my turn and in the middle of the night the grouchy teen started.  Four days after the first kid got sick Hubby was still ok so we thought he was in the clear- until he woke me up at 3 AM.  He is now on the mend and we’re all a lil thinner.  I lost about 6 pounds so I got a head start on my New Year’s Resolution!  And I had wanted to do a cleanse but not exactly like that.

I am trying to start making the small changes now and not fill my body back up with junk- aside from the pizza I had for dinner last night.  This horrible month is over and I’m ready for a new year and a new me.


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