Positivity brings happiness


“Be genuinely happy for other’s successes in life even when things aren’t going well for you. Give it time and positivity will finds its way to you. I learned this first hand today. #blessed #grateful #lucky

I posted that on my Facebook the other day after a friend reached out to me to thank him for always being supportive of him.  I truly believe that if you express positive Karma, good Karma will come to you.

I run fitness challenges for moms through Tampa Bay Moms Group.  I’ve been doing them for four years now and they are finally taking off.  They are becoming bigger and better and more moms are getting healthier and more fit.  We recently finished a fitness challenge that went really, really well.  I knew something was up when one of the moms removed me from a group chat.  I didn’t think much of it, though, and figured it may be like when you confide in your mom but sometimes you just want to chat with your friends with her out of the room.  This morning I found a package on my doorstep and was shocked at what I found when I opened it.

12932689_10209166934157234_592734886303009472_n.jpg      12294687_10209166934037231_5032044033071567195_n.jpg

Look at the amazing gifts they bought me!!!!  I was so overwhelmed with emotions that I cried.  I was sitting at a stop light after dropping my daughter off at school when I opened the package.  I just sat there crying….until the light turned green.  When I pulled into the driveway, tears were still spilling down my cheeks so I snapped a selfie. Normally, in my Vanity Smurf mode, I’d never take or share a picture of me like this (roll out of bed, throw on dress, drop kid off, come home, roll back in bed- it’s a tough life).  I’m getting over my insecurities and learning to live in the moment- even when my hair hasn’t been washed in 2 days, it’s sticking up everywhere and I have no make up on.

I plugged the Fitbit in right away, popped some batteries in my massager (perfect timing since I just started P90x again), posted a thank you that didn’t seem nearly as adequate as it should and went back to bed.  Here is my message-  My fitness moms are in trouble!!!! I can’t believe you girls did this for me. And I look like crap but I wanted you to see the tears. I can’t thank you enough for all of the work you’ve done during the challenges and how much you all have motivated me. There are no words to express how shocked I am (damn, here come the tears again) and how blessed I feel to have you all in my life. I knew y’all were up to something when Nicole kicked me out of the group chat!!! I love you all so much! heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon. <I guess heart emojis don’t copy and paste LOL>  When I hit the WBFF stage, you ladies will be one of the biggest reasons why!!!!

Here are the wonderful messages these moms left for me:

  • Jenn- <she always makes me laugh> Good. Now, can we get some FitBit challenges going, please?
  • Michelle- We love you! Thank you for your encouragement and dedication to us!
  • Rita- No the Thanks goes to you. I met you that day at the 5k last fall and you have been there for me ever since that day. Helped me get into the group and supported me on this journey when I felt I had no one here to have my back. That is the least we can do for you. You have a heart of gold and we thank you for that!
  • Kelly-You are welcome! It was Nicole’s idea. Thanks for all you do.
  • I wish we could do so much more. You are an amazing friend and I will forever be grateful for the day I typed “mommy friends in Tampa” into Google and found you.
  • Nicole- Xoxo!! Thank you for all u do!!
  • Jessica- You work really hard for us ladies. I send you messages in the middle of the nigh and you always answer. You are a great coach friend and work out leader!
  • Lens- You got me tearing up! Thank you for putting up with us!

I can’t express how amazing it feels to read messages like that and know that they are for you.  Those make all of the hours I spend on the challenges completely worth it.  I’m on a new high to get things set up for the next challenge, too, wanting it to be even better than the others.  Treat others how you want to be treated and see what happens.  Love and respect happens.  Eeeeee!!!!!!  Totally excited.  😉

I already set up a challenge for them and have to get myself moving, too!!!  They might wind up wishing they’d bought me a pet rock instead!

We all go through hard times and how we handle those times defines the kind of people we are.  Things have been rough for me for a while but I choose to be happy for others, choose to be positive and choose to be happy for myself.  As my youngest daughter, Maggie says, “Do you, be you!”

Are you consciously happy for others when your life is down?  Does it make you happy to be happy for others?





Keep smiling even when… things get slippery

A couple of months ago I was on my six mile walk and I slid on a patch of algae on the side of the road. I went down hard. I was only on the first couple of miles and even though my chin and knee were scratched, my self esteem low (a guy in a pick up saw me fall) and my thumb possiblely broken, I kept on going.


Yes, I wanted to cry. Yes, I wanted to call Hubby to have him come pick me up. But I wanted to finish what I’d started more. After another mile things got worse. It started to rain. Right after I fell I sent my best friend the pictures. As the rain became harder I took two steps towards home- then my phone dinged with a text message. She saw the pictures, saw that I’d kept going and replied, “Good girl!”

I turned around immediately and finished the six miles. When I got home my knee was throbbing, my chin was bleeding and my thumb was a few different shades of purple. Not to mention I was soaked.

Things in life get slippery. We can choose to lay in a heap and cry or we can get up and keep moving. The choice is ours to make. We are in control of our happy times and our dark times.

Which one would you choose?