I don’t have time

“I don’t have time.”

This is the biggest excuse I hear.  I even tell myself this same thing sometimes.  Most of us are legitimately busy.  I get it.  But it’s an excuse.


Even though my 22 year old is at college, I still have to take time for her.  She called me last night needing to talk and instead of sitting in my room, I walked around outside.  My 2nd one is also at college- I’m going with her.  We take the stairs instead of the elevator every day- 3 flights.  Then I walk down 3 flights outside then back up 2 for my second class.  When we are studying, we’ll take 5 minute breaks to go on a quick walk or I’ll do some little strength training exercises.

My youngest is a dancer.  When she was little I was right there with all of the other preschool parents with my face pressed against the glass.  But now that she’s older, I’ll either go home and go on a walk or walk around the building at the studio with some of the other moms.  There’s no reason for me to sit on my ass for hours watching her (although I do every once in a while).  I know she’s safe.  She’s not going anywhere.  Might as well make good use of my time for me.

Most of us have to cook dinner, right?  While you’re waiting for the pot to boil, do some push ups against the counter, walking lunges down the hall or squats in front of the stove.  Jog in place.  I step in place when I wash dishes, wait for the tub to fill or the shower to get hot.  You know kids are never ready when we want them to be.  While you’re standing at the door loaded down with their backpacks while they find a missing shoe or book, do some calf raises or squats.  Got a little one at home?  Strap them on and do squats and lunges.  Use them for bicep curls or shoulder lifts.  Stick them in a stroller or in a bike seat and go for a walk or ride.  At a theme park?  Use your time in line doing push ups or tricep dips against the railing.  Do squats with a kid, lunges or slightly inconspicuous calf raises.  Who cares if other people look at you funny.  You’re not getting fit and healthy for them.  You’re doing it for you.  Plus, you’re never going to see them again anyway.  And if they happen to take a video of you to post on their Facebook?  Jokes on them.  YOU are doing something positive to make your life better.  Standing in line at the store?  Same thing.  Use your time wisely.

No time?  Too busy?


I’m a full time mom of 4, part-time college student, lead admin for Tampa Bay Moms Group, I run fitness challenges, blog, drive my kids all over town, am a semi-crazy dance mom, former baseball/soccer/volleyball/track mom, full time wife of a work-at-home husband who travels, and a whole bunch of other crap I’ve forgotten.

You CAN find the time.  You just have to want it bad enough.


No Excuses!!! …maybe that one…

I’m a firm believer in No Excuses when it comes to working out.

I’m also the Queen of Excuses. Tearing ligaments in my knee was a legitimate excuse. Eating crappy was not. Getting rear ended was a legitimate excuse. Eating take out for two months was not. Using ‘my mother-in-law has cancer’ as an excuse was not anywhere near a good excuse. Yes I was busier BUT I still had twenty minutes a day to do Bikini Body Mommy. Lazy.

In four months I will be at the seven year mark at trying to get fit. SEVEN YEARS!!!! Talk about laziness! I can’t even remember what my latest excuse was for falling off of Bikini Body Mommy at Day 19 this time. Ahhhh, we are renovating our house. That’s been a workout in itself but I’m pretty sure Hubby would have been okay with me taking twenty minutes every morning to do a workout.


I pulled up YouTube on Tuesday ready to pick up where I left off and saw Brianna’s final video.


I was so happy to hear she was re-releasing BBM 2.0 in six days! Well, now four. I’m giving myself one more shot at this challenge. I know I can do it. I just need to stop making excuses. It’s twenty freakin minutes. I have twenty minutes a day. I’m not a morning person but if I know it’s going to be a jam packed day (not the norm for me) I’ll have to suck it up and wake up twenty minutes early.

After seeing the video I decided to wait until September 8th for the challenge to start and get back to my six mile walk in the mean time. After dinner, after doing multiplication flash cards with my son, I strapped on my Asics and grabbed my headphones. Hubby was headed out to the parts store and I told him I was going on my walk. He told me to make sure the teenager watched the Littles.

There was a little thunder rumbling in the distance so I grabbed a Hello Kitty umbrella and off I went. The more I walked, the closer the thunder drew and with it some awesome lightning. I walked a mile then saw this:

So I looked at my Weather Bug and saw this:

I took this video:

Then Hubby called.


On my way home dear!

He was out looking for me. So sweet. He even let me walk home instead of making me get in the car. In this case, there was a good excuse for me to not walk the whole six miles. When I got home the teenager ratted out Dad and told he he asked, “She went where?!?!” More proof that men don’t actually listen to women. Hahaha!

A little is better than nothing and at least I got over a mile and had an inspiration for a blog post. I need to stop making excuses. We need to stop making excuses.

Life is too short to keep putting off what we can do right now.

Make the time.

Get the shit done!