New year, new challenge, new me

Wow. 2009. That’s when I joined my first weight loss challenge. I lost 20 pounds, came in third place for the first challenge and first for another. Since then I’ve tried running or participating in several challenges and haven’t done well- mostly because I didn’t finish.

But 2015 is a new year. I’m very thankfully putting 2014 behind me and have already made several changes. I’ve cut out many of my favorites like soda, pizza, fast food, sugary cereal, whole milk, chips and queso. I’ve reduced my nightly 32 Oz cocktails to one (if that) on the weekend. Honesty,  I’d be okay with not having one at all until I’m finished with my current challenge.

I started a Fit and Sexy by Spring fitness challenge on Tampa Bay Mom’s Group which started the day Bikini Body Mommy 3.0 began. I’m drinking kale smoothies, fixing myself healthier dinner foods while my family still eats pasts, pizza and chicken parm. I’m addicted to roasted brussel sprouts and am learning to food prep.

I don’t think I made this many changes for my first challenge, although I made a LOT- most of which were very unwillingly. I’m happily making better decisions. I’m doing this for me and to help out other moms. I’m also participating in a Biggest Loser Challenge with a sizeable money pot. I’m ready. I’m determined. I want to do this.

Sorry to Slacker Fattie. You have already been reduced by ten pounds since the beginning of November. You will continue to be reduced slowly but surely. Fit Bitch will conquer you. Once you’re gone, you’re gone.





Sometimes the scale is awesome

Yesterday I was all excited to step on the scale and see that I’d officially lost 10 pounds.

It was such a good feeling!! I’d recently started drinking kale smoothies with flavored weight loss oatmeal, fat free strawberry yogurt with almond milk (until yesterday when I ran out of milk and just used water). I know that they could be healthier but it beats whole milk and Coco Puffs.
What’s even better? I got up this morning, hopped on the scale just for fun and saw numbers I hadn’t seen in a year.

That right there is some serious motivation for me. I finally have a handle on my food situation so now I’m going to work on squeezing in some workouts. It’s going to be a great end to a really crappy year!!!

Slacker Fattie is losing and Fit Bitch is taking over!!!

New Fitness Challenge!!

I started another weight loss challenge yesterday on Tampa Bay Moms Group.  I always say I’m not going to do anymore because so many people drop out (me included) but I’m a sucker for helping other moms get fit and healthy so when asked, I do!

I feel a little bit like Bikini Body Mommy because I’m actually two weeks ahead- since I started BBM two weeks ago.  I haven’t lost anything yet but I am getting into the habit of working out every day which is a huge step for me.  Every time I start over I say I’m “determined to finish this time” but don’t.  This time I have an accountability partner that’s in it not for me to look sexy but to help me become healthier.  It’s kind of ironic that she’s a foodie and travels all over the world eating whatever she wants while I’m eating tons of eggs.  But even she has learned that while certain people can eat whatever they want, without some self control and exercise, weight will creep on…especially as we get older.

This has been an eight year battle for me and has caused depression, anxiety, even more self esteem issues than I already had, marital problems and having ‘fat shorts’ in my closet.  I’ve seen a scale read 153 lbs with me on it.  I know I’ll never be the 103 lbs that I was twenty-one years ago before I had my first child but I also know that 153 lbs is not a healthy weight for my small 5’4″ frame.  I’m glad for my accountability partner who reminds me I need to do this for my health (while I’m hiding in my closet yelling “I just wanna be sexy again!!”).

Almost five years ago I created Slacker Fattie and Skinny Bitch.  Skinny Bitch was renamed Fit Bitch after a ‘DOH!’ moment that I was supposed to be focusing on being fit and healthy on the inside instead of obsessing about what I looked like on the outside.  I came across this picture recently and it was the perfect vision of Fit Bitch chiseling away at Slacker Fattie.


It takes an artist a long time to create a sculpture.  It took a while for the weight to pile up and I have to remember that it’s going to take a while for it to come off (see Patience is (not) a Virtue (of mine) that I posted recently).  On September 5th, it will be one year since I was rear ended leaving me unable to do much of anything for three months.  Although I’m still dealing with neck and back pain, I’m taking my life back.  I’m being very careful but can’t sit around anymore watching that number on the scale continue to rise.


I am tired of starting over.  But I’m not giving up.



Society vs Media- Be the change

While reading the news and seeing posts on Facebook I see a lot about “society allows this to happen” “society makes us feel…..” “the media says we should…”

We know who the media is- news stations, magazines, newspapers, bloggers, etc.

But who exactly is ‘society’?

Think about it.

Think hard.

Do you get it?

Think harder.


society– n,

people in general thought of as living together in organized communities with shared laws, traditions, and values

: the people of a particular country, area, time, etc., thought of especially as an organized community

That’s US people!!!  All we need to do is start speaking up which some in the blogging society are doing.  What got me started on this was seeing a news story about a ‘plus size’ model doing a photo shoot with no make up and unedited.  Over 2,000 people commented about her NOT being plus size.  Ninety-nine percent of the people didn’t give a crap that she wore no make up and had an unedited picture.


Society and the media were blamed saying people and pictures like this are what cause the youth of today (and adults) to have body image issues and eating disorders.  People were ticked off that this size “10” model had the audacity to call herself ‘plus size.’  And the news station thought it was great!  Bull poopy.

The next day I saw a post written by, Bridgette, which was  titled “Exposed by my children for what I really look like.”  One of her kids used her phone to take a picture of her on the beach.  She found it while going through her photos and was mortified.


Where she saw fat, her children saw beauty.  Once they told her that they thought she looked “so beautiful” and that the picture “could be a postcard” she shifted her thinking a little.  “My default mode is to see and focus on the flaws and imperfections. I’m starting to see a bit more.”  She still picked out each flaw she spotted but in between she added the beauty she could see within and around her.  She made the change.

The day after that another body image post popped up that was written by the girl who runs the front desk at the dance studio.  She has become one of my favorite bloggers with her raw honesty and passion.  In her post “I woke up like this” Danielle talks about the pressures of having and keeping perfect dance bodies and what some girls do to achieve them.  This is a big issue in the dance world, especially ballet.  Like she said, “there aren’t heavy ballerinas.”  In some other areas of dance I’m seeing a change.  There are amazing contemporary, hip hop and tap dancers who aren’t starving ballerinas.  They are showing that you can be talented and still eat.  They are making the change.  It was difficult for me to find one favorite part of Danielle’s post because she makes a number of excellent points.  But this one hit home for me with my weight struggles- It isn’t about being tall, short, fat, skinny, curvy, slim, whatever. It’s about being healthy and happy. It’s about looking the way YOU want. Not the way everyone else wants you to look. You shouldn’t ever try to look a certain way for anyone other than yourself. Because at the end of the day, you’re the one who has to live with it.”

That’s something that I’ve struggled with.  I put a strain on my marriage obsessing over what I looked like and bugged Hubby about helping me remember to work out and eat healthy.  He doesn’t care.  Even though I’m forty-five pounds over the 103 I was when we got married he still finds me attractive.  The problem is mine.

But, I’m an adult and am unaffected by what “society” thinks is attractive.  I don’t give a shit about what celebrities look like.  I know what I want to look like- the thinner, healthier me.  My rock bottom moment was sitting in a neurologists office, in tears, after the nurse put me on the scale and she had to add the 50 weight.  I sat there crying, texting my best friend telling her I weighed 153 pounds.  Aside from when I was pregnant I’ve NEVER been that much.  She told me I needed to redirect my energy on getting HEALTHY instead of looking skinny.  One hundred and fifty-three pounds isn’t a healthy weight for me (yes, I know there are women who would love to weigh that much but that’s where you have to find what is healthy and realistic for YOU).  I’ll be healthier at 125-130.  I’ll be happier at 115-120.  This points in this post is why I renamed ‘Skinny Bitch’ ‘Fit Bitch.’  I’m making the change.  Although she should probably be named ‘Healthy Bitch.’

I’m a member of a fitness Facebook page full of women who the media would consider attractive, which really isn’t motivating for me.  They have beautiful, fit bodies that they love to share pictures of.  Blah, blah, blah.  My friends like Heather, co-author of Mamas in Pajamas and my friends Sabrina, Geralyn and Kristi are my motivators.  Bikini Body Mommy is my motivator.  They are moms who aren’t afraid to show the world that they are starting their own movement to get fit and HEALTHY.  They post their progression pictures proudly which I absolutely love because it causes me to get off my butt and work on my own HEALTH.  They are making the change.

Stop blaming “society” (which is really only blaming yourself) and make the change.  Be proud to post pictures of yourself.  Hashtag #iamsociety or #changingsociety or #screwthemedia or whatever other hashtags you can think of.  We have to power to create our own society and show the media what we truly think is beautiful, sexy and healthy.

I don’t love my body…and you can’t make me!

I posted a story on our local mommy website, Tampa Bay Moms Group, about a woman who shared her before and after pictures.  These aren’t your typical before and after shots, though.  Click here to read Taryn Brumfitt’s story.  Here is the picture that quickly reached 3 million hits-


Her message to women is to love your body.

This is an inspiring story and message.

But it’s not the message for me.  If she is comfortable with her current body, kudos to her and all women who are fluffy, pudgy, squishy and all the other words women used to describe their imperfect bodies in her video.

I don’t love my body.  I don’t love it and it has nothing to do with society, social media, underweight models and air brushed pictures in magazines.  I don’t love my body because I’m thirty pounds overweight.  I’m uncomfortable.  My clothes don’t fit.  I hate having pictures taken of me.

I don’t love my body because  I don’t feel healthy.

I was at a neurology appointment for my neck a couple of months ago and of course the first thing they do is have you get on the scale.  She had to back it up, add on the 50 and start over.

One hundred and fifty-two pounds.

152 lbs.


That’s pretty much what I texted my best friend.  I was in tears.  Aside from when I was pregnant I’ve never weighed over 150, and even then I wasn’t much over.  When the doctor came in she asked what was wrong and I told her.  She said that it was okay, I had an excuse since I couldn’t work out while my neck was healing.  That didn’t make me feel any better.  It made me angry.  When Kristi messaged me back she told me I needed to stop trying to lose weight so I would look better and focus on losing weight to be healthy.  The more I gained the more damage I was doing to myself.  On my 5’4″ small frame, 152 is not a healthy weight for me.  Am I obese?  No.  According to WebMD my BMI is 26.1 which is a tad over ‘overweight.’

Just to be sure, I tried several different websites and they all came back with the same answer- Your bmi is 26.1. You are considered overweight.

I’m fat…for me.

I’ve said this over and over again.  This isn’t me.  This extra weight isn’t a part of who I am.  I think that’s why I created Slacker Fattie and Skinny Bitch who was later renamed Fit Bitch.  I needed a way to express who I am at the moment and who I want to become.  If you go back through my posts over the last four years you’ll see my struggle to get fit and healthy.  You’ll see big gaps in between posts from when I fall off the wagon and stop working out for a while- or when I’m a dork and twist my knee, fall in the bathroom, or on the road (still need to post that story).  🙂  I chose the title “Real Fit Mom” not because I’m a really fit mom but because I wanted to be real, be fit and I’m a mom.

I don’t tell my kids I want to lose weight because I want to look like a cover model, I tell them I want to be fit and healthy.  I encourage them to workout with me so they can get stronger and be healthy, not so they won’t get fat.  I’ve cut down on fast food for them letting them know it’s bad for you and the food mommy cooks is healthier.  I can be a good role model for them and not be overweight.  I’ve given birth to five children but I don’t have to look like I have to be a good role model for my kids.

It’s my body.  I don’t have to like it if I don’t want to.  YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!!!!

Bikini Body Mommy Days 22 & 23

Yup, got behind again.  BUT!!!  I’m still in it!  For any of you who have been following me for a while you are used to seeing me quit on week two or three.  One more week and I’ll have made it a whole month.  Yay!  I’m really going to be working hard this week since I’ll be doing a taping for Daytime TV here in Tampa on February 6th through.  I was chosen via a post on the website Tampa Bay Moms Group that my friend Steffany and I started.  They’re doing a segment on how important “me time” is for mommy’s as well as easy hair styles.  My hair is getting quite popular!  I recently did a Celebrity hair style make over.  I chose one of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s styles and had so much fun getting to go to J. Joseph’s Salon in Land O’Lakes and being treated like a celebrity.  When the clip airs I’ll be sure to add a link so you all can see how it went.

Ok, onto the workouts.  In the video, Briana says we only have to do one round….but she had a blond moment (her words, not mine) and it’s supposed to be three sets.  Have fun!!

Here’s the video for today.  It’s 45 minute cardio day or HIIT day which you’ll find below this video.  Because I’m having to make up yesterday’s workout I will be going on a walk for my cardio.

HIIT workout

So are any of you out there doing this challenge with me?  How is it going?  It’s never too late to start!  Go back and find Day 1 and get going!  Bikini season will be here before we know it and we all want to be ready.  I’m really looking forward to seeing Fit Bitch in a bikini.  Slacker Fattie will be hanging out in a moomoo.

Bikini Body Mommy Day 15

I’ll be honest, I haven’t done this one yet and still need to do Day 13 but I’m remotivated and redetermined after training on Saturday.  I’m ready to get my Pure Romance business back up and running and be fit and healthy while doing it!

Yeesh.  It’s measuring, weighing and picture day.  Blech.

Day 15


This was tough!  But I made it all the way through and did one set of Day 13 as well as Day 12 Fit Test.

Squat swing    47

Push up t-stands    38

Lunge knee ups    50

Mountain climbers   88

Bicep curls    40

Step ups    24

Straight leg squat thrusts    22

Hundreds    165

Push ups were done against my dining room table for modification.  The bicep curls were tough since I haven’t done any weight lifting since my accident.  I had to do them slowwwwllllyyy.  For the Step Ups I used my adjustable Reebok aerobic step on the highest setting (ain’t no way I could have done them on a chair!).

Today I did my measurements, too.   I just realized I didn’t post my beginning measurements so here are both.  This is the third week in and I’ve done pretty good.  Normally I don’t even make it through Week Two on challenges because I get frustrated by not seeing instant differences.  I’m working very, very hard on being patient and realizing that it took over a year to put the weight on (ten pounds during the four months after my accident) and it’s going to take a long time to get it off.  I’m eating a lot less, a lot healthier and have lasted longer than most times I’ve tried this.  I’ve only had fast food ONE TIME and it was totally on accident.  It was breakfast so I didn’t think about the chicken biscuit I was eating until it was almost gone.  Whoopsie!  I think I’ve only had two fountain drinks, too (fountain tastes way better than bottles or cans, IMO).

I measure one extra area then most people do- that stupid pooch below your belly button that causes you to have to lay down and button your jeans.  The first number is my measurements on January 3rd and the second is from today.

chest             41.25         40.5

right arm     12.5            12.5

left arm        12.5            12.5

waist              38.25        35.75

pooch            39              38.5

hips                41.5          41.5

right thigh   24             23.5

left thigh      24            23.5

weight           148          147

If I did my math correctly, that’s 4.25 inches and 1 whopping pound.  I’m not harping on the one pound because muscle weighs more than fat.  You all should know by now that I don’t even own a scale and prefer to measure and tell by how my clothes fit.  The good news is my fat pants are really loose!  I’ll post pictures when there’s been more of a difference.  I’m tired of taking before pictures and never getting to take after pictures so give me a little more time to post them.  I’m ready for some real visual differences in the next couple of weeks.  See ya Slacker Fattie!  Fit Bitch is busting through!