Day 1 Arbonne 30 Day Detox- ACK!

Alrighty, it’s Day 1.  I got this.  Well, I kind of got this.

Today started out great.  I woke up, weighed myself (131 lbs) and got my Arbonne shake stuff together- 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder (smells ah-mazing), scoop of the fiber boost, scoop of greens and a digestion plus packet.  I added a small handful of frozen Mango cubes from Dole.* It looked tasty until the green stuff went in.  Bottoms up! Tasted decent.


Then things went downhill.  <enter shameless plug>


My 11 year old daughter wanted to attend a model search for Oh La La Dancewear at Dance Tampa.  I figured most people went on Saturday so we piddled around then made our way to the store. They had more people today than yesterday.  Whoops!  We ran into some of Maggie’s dance sisters and they’d already been there for an hour.


We got hungry.  I pleaded with my 20 year old to make me a shake and bring it down.  She didn’t wanna.  So she heated up the chicken honeyaki I’d made for dinner the night before and brought it down. It was only about 3/4 of a cup so it’s not like I ate a giant plate full but I was still disappointed.

When we got home it was already time to make dinner.  Yes, I should have had a shake for dinner but I was starving, tired and wanted ONE taco, damnit!  So I ate one.  A couple of hours later I was hungry so made a shake with just water and the protein powder.  It was so, so delicious!

Day 1 didn’t go the way I expected.  But, tomorrow is another day!

Reality- Technically, this was last Saturday.  I wanted to be a week ahead for reasons I can’t really remember but it made sense at the time. Kind of stole the idea from Bikini Body Mommy.

*Print out or write down the Avoid List!  I forgot so-

Cheats– taco, chicken honeyaki (although the latter really wasn’t my fault)

Whoopsie– mango chunks

Stats– weight- 131 lbs, waist/belly 31/33 in, BF%/BMI 28.8/22

OMG, I almost forgot about the detox tea and Fizz sticks.  I’ll be honest, I dipped into the Fizz sticks on Friday after I picked up my kit from Nicole.  They are awesome.  Caffeine only makes my heart race so I’d been looking for something to give me energy.  Found it!  But the tea. I despise tea.  Cold tea, hot tea- blech.  It was suggested that I add a Fizz stick to the detox tea.  I’m not doing that tomorrow to see if it’s worse or better.  My daughters thought I was going to throw up. I almost did. I was running around trying to find something, anything, to get the taste out of my mouth. I ate a mango chunk.


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