I know they love each other

My babies went to sleep tonight with tears in their eyes. I know they love each other but they are just so different. They want to spend time together but are both so hard-headed. They want to get along but just don’t understand each other.


As a parent, I don’t know what to do. I listened as they each told their side of the story. I watched the tears roll down their faces, one feeling bad she’d ruined the movie, the other feeling his sister ruined everything. Then I got frustrated and told them that they could enjoy the summer sitting in their rooms.


They feel that they are too different so they can’t get along. I feel that I’ve failed to teach them to compromise. I talked with both about being the bigger person. Maybe they need a project to work on together. Round 2 involved more tears and more blame, “She always….” “He always….” So I told them, separately, that tomorrow they would help each other clean their rooms. It seemed like a good idea at the time.


I just checked on my 2 sleeping babies. I know they love each other. I’ve tried to explain that fighting over a movie is trivial. I want to tell them that people are being shot, blown up and killed in freak accidents every day. I want to remind them that every minute is precious and they should make the most of it. But I want to retain their innocence as long as possible, so I say nothing except, “I love you very much.”


Tomorrow is a new day. All I can hope is that all will be forgiven and we can start anew. I will remind them that no matter what they go through in life, they will always have each other. I will tell them that being different is good. I will teach them again about compromising and about being compassionate.


I know my Littles love each other and I know that tomorrow they will find a common ground. They always do. I will have them read this post and know that we will all be thankful that we don’t have to watch Max and Ruby ever again. There is one thing that never lacks in our family- love and laughter. Yes, I know, that’s two things but they go together, hand in hand.


Parenting is hard and it never gets easier. No two days are ever the same. But I prefer it that way. It means life will never be monotonous and I can tell you that in my 22+ years of being a mom, not one day has been like another. People often ask how we raise 4 kids. I jokingly answer, “Drugs and alcohol.” But honestly, the more you have, the easier it gets. Tonight was a trying time but my beautiful babies are sleeping and will wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready for new arguments.  😉 I know they love each other and will find something in common to occupy themselves and hopefully not give me anymore grey hairs.



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