Yesterday is not today. Live for today.


Yesterday, my kids were aggravating me until I walked away and shut them out.
Yesterday, my youngest daughter was driving me crazy asking, “How much longer!?!?!”
Yesterday, my son was picking at his older sister until I yelled at him to stop.
Yesterday, I got impatient when my 2nd oldest daughter drove extra, extra careful because she is a new driver.
Yesterday, my oldest daughter got mad at me over something trivial.
Yesterday, I yelled at my husband for irritating me.
Yesterday, I learned how much it hurts to lose a child.

Today, I spent the evening with my youngest daughter at her dance recital, beaming with pride.
Today, I listened to my son use his imagination while he drew new creations in his sketchbook.
Today, I laughed with my 2nd oldest daughter as she made a full and complete stop at every stop sign.
Today, I sat next to my oldest daughter and laughed with her over silly things.
Today, I wound down the evening spending time with my husband.
Today, I read posts from strangers to the mother who lost her son after a horrible gator attack.
Today, I watched mothers mourn their sons and daughters after the Pulse nightclub tragedy.
Today, I saw the sympathy for a family who lost their son to a drunk driver. Today, I said a prayer for a mom who accidentally left her daughter in her car when she went to work.
Today, I wished I could hug a dad whose son was killed by a friend showing him a gun.
Today, I am glad for the life my friend still has while she fights cancer because she is still alive to fight.
Today, I realized how precious life is.

Right now, I am appreciative of the four beautiful children I was blessed with.
Right now, I am grateful to have a loving husband who has stood by me for many, many years.
Right now, we are playing with Legos after ending a senseless argument over Lego hair.
Right now we are making new memories.
Right now, my heart still aches for the recent tragedies.
Right now, a dad will tighten the grip on his son’s hand.
Right now, someone will hand their keys to a friend.
Right now, a mom will place her left shoe next to her toddler before taking him to daycare.

Tomorrow will not come for people of all ages, genders, race and religion across the globe.

Live for today.
Live for the happiness you feel right now.
Live for the child you were blessed with.
Live for the roof you have over your head.
Live for the smart phone you can use to spread happiness and joy and to lift up the spirits of others instead of tearing each other down.
Live for the fact that you are here to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.
Live each and every day to the absolute fullest that you can.

Life is short.
Life is precious.
Life is.


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