You don’t have to be rich to be fit.

Prince’s song “Kiss” popped in my head when I typed the title for this post.

If you follow me, you know I run fitness challenges through the website I co-founded, Tampa Bay Moms Group.  Recently, someone told me I should become a Beachbody coach and advertise in my challenges.  I’ve thought about it because I have bought a few workout programs from BB but it goes against what I’m trying to teach my moms.  I used to sell Visalus, too, and almost hit the button to rejoin.  But, again, I just couldn’t go against what I believe in.

I was just reading a post in a Facebook group I’m in about “rich girl fitness.”  You know what I’m talking about.  The girls who look perfect in their perfectly matched Lulu Lemon workout clothes and Asics tennis shoes.  They have the time to make perfect healthy snacks and meals, oh, and the money to buy the organic ingredients.  But that’s not real life for many of us on our fitness journey.


I’m a work-for-free-at-home mom of 4 on one income with 3 of us in college not using student loans, a son who plays golf and a daughter who is a competitive dancer. I don’t have time or the money for this perfect shit.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  “Real fit mom” means I’m a REAL mom trying to get fit.  My Reebok weight set was a birthday gift from my aunt.  My exercise ball and yoga ring were a birthday gift from my biological mom.  P90x was copied by a friend (shhhh).  P90x 3 and Brazil Butt Lift were bought for me by my husband with promises that I’d complete the programs (shhhhh).  My Asics were a birthday gift from my biological step-dad (long story).

If you have time to make dinner, you have time to workout.  Do squats while waiting for the water to boil, step in place while rinsing off dishes, do lunges up and down the hall while the pancakes are pancaking (what do pancakes do??).  You do laundry, right?  Use the detergent bottle or box as a weight.  Got a baby or a toddler?  There’s your gym.  If you have Internet, you have workouts galore at your fingertips- all free.  Bikini Body Mommy, Body Rock, thousands of videos on Youtube.  It’s all FREE!

Most of my workout clothes are hand-me-downs or from Marshall’s/TJ Maxx/Ross.  Or I wear shorts, sweatpants or pj pants.  I don’t have a gym membership (accidentally typed membershit).  I’ve tried but I’m just not a gym person.  It took me 2 years to lose 25 lbs (started at 153 after a car accident) because I’m lazy.  I don’t buy organic, I food prep once every 4-5 months, I don’t buy fad shakes or foods.  My protein powder is the cheapest I could find at Walmart.

I workout at home.  I cut out fast food, pizza, alcohol and junk food (saved a bunch of money, too).  I go on walks- those are free.  If I’m having a bad day, you’ll read about it on here.  If I drank a 32 oz Screwdriver, ate chips and salsa, Runts, a root beer, Capn’ Crunch with whole milk, I’ll be honest about it (yup, that’s what I had yesterday).

I have self esteem issues so I usually don’t take pictures of myself.  When I do take selfies, my hair and make up is usually done.  I’m trying to get over that- which you saw in my post about my fitness moms buying me a Fitbit.  I’m not trying to look perfect or fit into “rich girl fitness” I’m just afraid to put myself out there most times.

There ARE real people getting fit out there.  You just have to find them.  If you happen to have found me, yay!  My goal was to just inspire one person.  I did that but it’s an addiction and I want to inspire more.  If you like my blog, share it.  If it’s not for you, move along!  Whatever you do, don’t fall for the schemes and scams and, as my 9 year old says, “Do you, be you.” #maggerinaballerina #doyoubeyou


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