Find your fire

Our journeys to become fit and healthy are often full of ups and downs- stops and starts.  The New Year is a huge one.  It’s a new year and millions of people are excited to make their New Year resolutions come true.  But as time goes on, we lose our focus.  We go to the gym less and less.  McDonald’s calls.  Facebook is more fun than working out.

Sometimes we need a pick me up.  We need to light a fire under our butts to get going again.  It could be an upcoming wedding, school reunion, break up or family get-together.  Yes, we should always be on this journey for us.  It should be to make ourselves healthier and happier.  But if you find something that will give you a burst of energy to get back on the bus, hop on and ride it until it stops.  Find your fire.

What’s your current fire?



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