Love yourself. Why you don’t.

We have 2 more days of focusing on ourselves and trying to boost our self esteem with the Love Yourself Challenge. I hit the moms hard this morning with a big assignment. What’s your story?

“Day 34 Today and tomorrow, you are going to dig deep so try to put a little bit of time aside. For any of you who don’t have self esteem issues, thank you for putting up with those of us that do this week. We are all different with diverse goals.

large.png    tumblr_n4jjvfD8Yy1tz7u8io1_500.png    14425-Love-Yourself-First.jpg

Today, please email me your reason for your self esteem problems. Did something happen to you as a child? Were you in an abusive relationship? Have you allowed family to suck the life out of you? Do you have health issues. If you’ve overcome this hurdle, share how. If you’ve started to make progress, share/explain. You all are the inspiration of each other. Grab a glass of wine, a box of tissues and dig deep. I know I’ll need those things when I read them! If you are open to me sharing- anonymously- please let me know. If you want to keep it between you and I, that’s perfectly fine. (This should be different than your WHY which is tomorrow’s exercise.) I’m trying to stay on top of things better this go round and do still intend to share some of things from the last challenge. This week, I’ve started sharing our daily pinned posts on my Real Fit Mom blog to help the 4 people who read it. LOL #doyoubeyou #doyoubeyouforyou

Turn it up, ladies!!!”



2 thoughts on “Love yourself. Why you don’t.

  1. For years I felt like a failure struggling to lose weight. My hubby would make comments. Enough said. I reached 241 pounds. For 41 years of marriage I was never the girl of his dreams. Well, maybe a big girl.
    Finally after turning 61, I cried out to God asking if I needed to go to a counselor. God spoke to my heart saying, “I am your counselor. Come to Me.” So I showed up for weight loss counseling every morning. Now at age 63, I’ve lost 92 pounds and I am the woman of hubby’s dreams. I am the woman I have dreamed of being now in my 60’s. Isn’t God good. Wow! Even I am amazed.

    • Deborah, that’s amazing!!!! I’m so incredibly proud of you and so happy that you feel so good about yourself. I bet you’ve always been the woman of his dreams. You just needed to find yourself for you.

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