Love yourself. Make time for yourself.

tumblr_lzcmrvCBTl1qkpxx7.jpg      love-yourself-poster.jpg

As wives, our focus can shift to our husbands. As moms, some of that focus shifts to our children- a LOT of that focus. We tend to forget that we are women FIRST. You were not a wife first. You were not a mom first. You were a woman first. We NEED to remember to make time for US. When we do, we can be better wives, mothers and better people. Focusing even 10 minutes on yourself a day can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself. Take time to do your hair instead of whipping it into a ponytail. Throw on some make up. Take a walk by yourself. Read a book. Take a bath. MAKE the time for you.

What is one thing that you do for yourself, daily? If you don’t do anything now, what is one thing that you will start doing for yourself, daily?



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