Find ONE body part you LOVE.

We are going to rewind a bit.  This week, during our Relentless II challenge, we are working on loving ourselves.  Even the prettiest, hottest, most confident of women have self esteem issues.  We just don’t realize it.  We are our harshest critics.

Many of my fitness moms, myself included, have self esteem issues.  We touched on it during the last challenge and are hitting it head on this time.

Here is my post from the first day of this weekly challenge:

Day 29 This week we are focusing on loving yourself. There will be different challenges every day. You are going to have to look at yourself inside and out. I will be asking members for their permission to share pictures, comments and stories with others outside of this group. I’ll ask for each challenge so you will have the option to say no each time.
Today, I’d like you to post a picture of your favorite body part. If you agree to have it shared and you pick your boobs/butt, make sure you at least have booty shorts/bathing suit or sports bra! I’m going to make a collage to share on my RFM blog and on TBMG. The favorite body part has to be from YOUR body!!! If you can, crop to JUST show that one part. Please take this seriously and don’t send a picture of a finger!!! Many of us have self esteem issues and have expressed the desire to work on it. This is Step One.



I know this is hard.  It was hard for me.  But all of these moms found something that they loved about themselves.  AND they shared a picture.  Both are monumental.

What is the body part that you love most about YOU?


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