Today is a new day. Make it count.


This is handwritten on a piece of paper and taped to the back of my door.  I tell it to my Fitness Challenge moms often.  I see it every day.

Today,* the sign means more than most days.  February 11th is my new day. It’s my new day every year.  It’s the day I consider my New Year’s Day.

December 15th 1996 I went into labor 2 months early.  I was admitted to the hospital after taking meds to stop labor.

December 16th our daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday in the hospital.  We were sent home later.

January 2nd 1997 we had a gender scan and were so excited to hear we were having a little boy.  But our excitement was short lived.  His measurements were low and it was recommended we see a specialist.

I’ve made myself let go many of the other dates for various tests along with the other times I went into labor (total of six times).

January 18, mid afternoon, we received the call with our amnio results.  Our little boy had Trisomy 18.

January 18th, evening, I went into labor after giving up my meds.  I was done.  Our doctor asked me to wait two more weeks.

February 6th we checked into the hospital about 7 am, had our tiny bundle placed in our arms at 3:46 and said goodbye at 10:00.

February 10th, was the hardest day of my life attending my son’s funeral.

February 11th of every year I’m ready to move forward and make the most of the new year.

February 13th of 1997 (exactly one year and one week from Jacob’s birthday), our daughter, Rachelle (named after Rachael in the Bible) was born.

February 18th of 2004, our 2nd son was born.  Celebrating a new life has helped us heal and made us even more grateful of what we have.  And grateful that our youngest was born in June to give us a little break from birthday parties and Christmas.  🙂

Everyone has difficulties in life.  It’s how we handle them that make us different.  It’s okay to get down, turn to food for a bit, cry or be angry.  Make sure you remember to catch yourself and not let it drag on.  Pick yourself up and start again tomorrow…or on Monday.  Every day is a new day.  Make it count.

*Written on February 11th


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