Real Fit Mom is about sharing the real struggles we, as moms, deal with as we struggle to get fit and healthy.  One of my moms shared the post below in our Relentless II private challenge group this afternoon.  This is why I lead these challenges.  This right here makes all of the work worth it:

“So I’m learning to try not to let stress take me back down on a bad path. These last two weeks have been beyond crazy. I have one child that needs a biopsy and another that I can’t keep healthy to save my life. On top of that I have TWO girls in my house with their period at the SAME DAMN time. Even with all of this I am still doing Bootcamp every morning at 6am and a walk or Cize at night. I only caved in once with the food and had a Whoopi pie (I’m from Amish country so I had to have one, but not the same here) and I have only had one glass of wine. I’m proud of myself. I am a stress eater. But this work in progress is working on new habits… now to go back to home to work and hide from the kids!!!” Rita

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!                                 YYYYEEEEAAASSSS!!!!

chocolate-thunder-down-under.jpg    Sauteed-Veggies_0.jpg

BAM!  And that, ladies and gentleman, is how it’s done.  You have two choices- give in or dig in.  Rita chose to dig in and stick with her goals.  She knows what she needs to do.  She knows how easy it is to give in and eat that cake. She’s done it before.  But, she also knows how amazing it feels to make the right choices and see that weight come off.  Rita knows how wonderful it is to find the woman who was hiding under a bunch of fat and she doesn’t want to lose her again.  She doesn’t want to slip back into emotional eating, being lazy and eating junk.  Rita is RELENTLESS!!!


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