Whacky Jacks….a mom’s best friend


I’ve given birth to 5 babies (no c-sections).  Five vaginal births can make doing exercises like jumping jacks, running, sneezing a little challenging.  It doesn’t matter how many times I go to the bathroom before I workout, or how many times I stop the DVD to go in the middle.  Some of these exercises are just not bladder friendly for millions of moms.

God bless whoever created Whacky Jacks.  I saw them on Tim Horton’s P90x several years ago and was so happy to finally have an alternative to jumping jacks.  I was even more grateful when I started working out again after being rear ended since I’m banned from jarring exercises.  Do you look stupid doing them?  Yup.  But it beats peeing in your pants!

These aren’t just a great cardio exercise but it trims up your obliques as well.  Any time I’m doing a workout that calls for jumping jacks, I replace them with Whacky Jacks.

Thank you Whacky Jacks creator!!!

Another exercise that can help, Kegel exercises!  More on those later.


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