Here we go again! Brazil Butt Lift…


The other day I was scrolling through all of my blog posts looking for something.  I realized how many times I’ve started over.  How many times I’ve begun new programs.  And how many times I haven’t finished any of them.  Two days ago I signed up to do the Brazil Butt Life Challenge on Beachbody.  I printed out the workouts, added dates, put reminders in my phone and told my kids and Hubby that I need their support.

I got up this morning, put on my favorite workout pants, best sports bra and my blingy Powerhouse Gym tank top, took my vitamins, drank my shake, checked on my Relentless Challenge mommies and now the shits about to get real.


It’s almost 11:00 and my 1st workout was supposed to be done at 9:15.  Where am I?  Still on the computer!  What?  I needed to post the daily post for Relentless!  And I wanted to write this blog post!  Okay, okay.  I’ll get up.  The longest I’ve stayed with BBL has been 2 weeks and even then I missed workouts.  So here we go…again…again….again……..again………..again.  I hate this program so much and am using that hate to finish it once and for all!!!  And I have to use it through Beachbody On Demand because I can’t find the damn DVDs anywhere.  I will defeat you, Leandro!


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